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let's talk sleep - baby sleep training - for lack of a better word

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With my DD, we co-slept, she had no routine or schedule, and the way she fell asleep was nursing. As she got older the way she would STAY asleep was with a boob in her mouth - if I even moved she would wake up. I would lay there and read books. Obviously that is not going to work this time around because I have my DD to care for and can't lay down for 2+hours. She was always a terrible sleeper until she got to be around 2-1/2 and then suddenly she slept through the night FINALLY (by that time she stopped napping altogether).

So as much as I hate the word "training" I have been looking into different options for teaching my DS better sleep habits than I taught my DD. The whole theory is that babies are born not knowing how to put themselves to sleep so we teach them. My DS is definitely different than my DD was - she was a nursey girl and he likes movement - he wants to be walked to sleep, and during the day he wants to sleep in the sling.

Right now it seems that that isn't a big deal but on the other hand, I am teaching him how to sleep! It's getting downright frustrating because I would like to take a shower or get a load of laundry done or clean my disgusting bathrooms while he's sleeping! When he is awake if I shower he cries. Getting showered and dressed is impossible and takes forever and a day! sooooo...from everything I have read I am supposed to put him down while he's still awake. I have been trying and he cries and I don't believe in CIO.

so it's daytime that's the problem - thankfully he sleeps great at night. He's just like his sister was! LOL.

Does anyone have any solutions? How are you handling the sleep thing?
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Well, I'm with you in that DS HAD to be held, and I just can't do that now with DD (which yes, I feel guilty about). (I'd love to sling all the time, but after awhile my muscles need a rest.) My solution is to just keep trying with her. After a half-hour in the sling, or fallilng asleep at the boob, I try to put her in the cosleeper or the swing. If it doesn't work, I walk her back to sleep and try again in ten minutes. She slept from 10:30 to 2 in her cosleeper today. I cannot tell you how miraculous/mindblowing that is to me. Holy cow. I honestly didn't realize it was possible. I haven't worried about her falling asleep on her own yet.

Anyway, it does seem like I've gotten a kid who likes to sleep more than DS. And I am thanking my lucky stars for that.

Good luck,
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my babes tend to sleep longer if I put the fan on:
anyway your scenario sounds pretty typical. take your shower before dh leaves in the am or after he comes home this way you don't become frustrated,you know when you will shower.... get a routine in, take the babe for a walk everyday,sunshine,fresh air daily, tends to help them sleep longer... watch your caffeine,cut it out entirely if you can..and for gods sake don't stick them in a bucket/car seat carrier. I always carry my babes in from the car in my arms, so they get used to being josled a bit while they sleep. they will become heavier sleepers,at least its worked in my kids case'.
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I will say this: I know not everyone on this site agrees, but IMO there is NOTHING WRONG with letting baby sleep in the swing or in a vibraty bouncy seat. I'm not saying leave them there for 18 hours a day, but my babies tend to sleep very well in the swing or seat and then I can do dishes.
You can also sling the baby a lot, but when your back is giving out, nothing wrong with a nice swing.
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LOL - well, I am doing all of these things.

Swing is great for when I need to rest - he will stay there for a hew minutes anyway! We do the white noise thing...but he wants to be held during the day!:

But I have been very diligent about nighttime routine. Yay me. I was terrible at this for my DD. He now goes down in his little Amby after he nurses and I can sing him to sleep! Amazing. So, I'll take it. I have a feeling he will probably outgrow the daytime holding thing anyway.
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Have you tried bringing him in the bathroom when you shower? My baby loves to be held all day too which is just impossible for me with my other baby, but when I shower I put him in my travel swing and he loves the sound of the water and the warmth of the room. My full size swing has a setting of running water too that he loves to listen to. I do not advocate putting him in the swing all day but when you have other little ones to tend to, sometimes a nap in a swing or bouncy seat is the only way. If he likes the running water sound tape it and play it for him when you need to put him down.
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