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Teeth marks

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I thought I saw a thread in here somewhere on teethmarks, but I've looked and must be missing it....or losing my mind. :

Anyway, yesterday I noticed my 8 month old is leaving teeth marks on my areola from his top teeth. There's no pain, so I'm not REALLY concerned, but I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or he's latched on incorrectly? I notice it especially at night when I nurse him to sleep and gently un-latch him, there are marks there. Like I said, there's no pain at any time, even after he un-latches. Is this normal?
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Hi, MommyT

Are the top teeth a relatively new addition? I do know that when my DD got her top teeth, it seemed that it took her a while to get used to them being in her mouth. Her latch would often leave little indentions on my areola and, dang!, sometimes those sharp new teeth would hurt!

After a couple of weeks, it seemed that she got used to them being there and self-adjusted her latch. Now she has all of her teeth and it isn't a problem...so obviously they can nurse with their teeth and not leave a complete dental indention.

My suggestion is to keep an eye on the "dents" and try to make sure that the skin doesn't get broken while he readjusts his latch over the next couple of weeks. Broken skin can set you up for thrush (shudder). We had to do a bit of latch work (remembering to open very wide, etc) around this time, too.

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Hi DHMama! Thanks for your response!

His teeth are relatively new, just over a month or so. This didn't really happen until they started getting bigger. The indentions don't hurt, but sometimes unlatching my sweet sleeping man does because while I'm trying to gently remove him, he will bite down and/or pull away scraping his teeth on my nipple.

We'll get the hang of this new teeth thing! I will keep an eye to make sure he's not breaking any skin. I also have a LLL meeting on Thursday, so I can get more support/advice there too. Maybe someone can check out our latch on there if DS wants to nurse.
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Mine is 18 mo. old and is doing the same thing. I see teeth marks on and off. Good luck!
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