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Student Ambassador

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Anyone have experience with the People to People Student Ambassador program? Or similar programs?
DD, 5th grade, (my youngest,) was nominated by a teacher to participate.
Might not sound very AP, but it does sound like a wonderful opportunity for dd.
Anyone familiar with the program care to share their experience?

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My son was invited to be in that program when he was that age. We went to the meetings and while it sounded good I felt the cost (for us at the time) was prohibitive. I also felt he was too young to take such a far away trip with chaperones he barely knew.
Of course there are all levels of maturity at this age, so your son might be ready for it, I felt that mine was not.

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Thanks for the input, Peggy.
We also feel that the cost is excessive for this kind of trip. After all, they will be camping for much of the time!
We are debating whether to swing the cost and send her, given the opportunity for HS credit, future travel, etc.
She suddenly improved her grades tremendously the last quarter, this would be a reward for her.
One big question on my mind, did your son have any future opportunities with the program after foregoing the first year?
I am also of the thought that her year-older brother might be nominated by her next year, and feel that he would benefit from the program.
Thanks again,
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Yes, he was invited every year after that. So I think if your child can't go this year, she'll still be able to go next. He never did go. But once he was in High School he travelled quite a bit with different school clubs. Even managed to catch a tropical disease in Costa Rica:
Good luck to you and your DD, sounds like she'll have lots of oppurtunities ahead of her!

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