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side-lying nursing pillow

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I'm due in a few weeks and really like nursing on my side.
I know that somewhere, at some point in time, I saw a nursing pillow specially made for side-lying (almost like a bigger version of those pillows that keep babies on their sides)

Has anyone ever seen this? ??????? Where?????
Thanks so much!

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I haven't been able to find a link for you, but I can tell you what I do...

I put a pillow behind my back. Someone gave us a small stuffed toy for ds that's about the length of his torso. I put him on his side and brace him with the stuffed toy. Until this week, I had to fold a Gerber prefold diaper in half to prop my breast on to lift the nipple for him.

The stuffed toy keeps him from rolling and is firm enough that I can lay my arm over his body without putting the weight of my arm on him.
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I do pretty much the same thing, pillow behind my back and pillow behind his back. Keeps us belly to belly all night.
I often wake to him nursing by himself!
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