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$50 for the stuff to make the birth pool.

20¢ for the hot water in the tub.

1¢ for the . . . well I was going to say the lighting, but we had the lights off and the music on.

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Sorry to say this,but I live in Ontario and it's totally FREE.Everything from midwife to home supplies to pads and herbal bath after.Come on over to Canada!!
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I am in rural wisconsin and used a "lay midwife"..in other words, not licenced. We were stunned when she told us the charges were a grand total of $800, plus the cost of the birth kit ($50). Pretty good deal!
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Hi! In the Waco, Texas area, the CNM charges $3000. The Traditional Midwife for the area charges $1800- $2000 depending on the lab work needed... (and she will attend waterbirths...you rent the tub, or use your own if it is accessible). But compared to the $6000+ from our almost "natural" hospital birth... I'll scrape up the money to stay home with the compassionate midwife...

The Lord bless you,
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I guess we should be comparing the price of hospital births and homebirths in our area. My home birth was cheaper than other but apparently so would a hospital birth. Here with standard lab work, 1 us, 24 hours in the hospital and no complications you only pay $3500.

Judging from hawleyclan's post Homebirth runs about 1/2 of hospital birth for a CNM and a third for direct entry.
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Here in Cincinnati we are lucky I guess, My midwife is now on my PPO's provider list so they cover everything except gyn visits (go figure) but they do cover home and hosptial birth. Last year I had Lili inthe hospital due to a minor drop in my iron level jsut before Labor - better safe than sorry. But this time I will be going for having it at home (not sure yet if I'm PG but Hopefull - last weekend was the good one) Anyhow, It acutally costs us more to have the baby in the hospital (200.00/person confinement charge - room fee) on my plan so to me that is incentive enough to go for the home birth! I'm lucky though. The office I go to has 3 midwives and 3 birth assistants, they charge 1800.00 for a home birth, payable in installments if ins. doesn't cover you. Good luck!
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Our practice (myself and my mw partner) charged $95 for the initial prenatal and $75 thereafter, plus $150 for home visits. Lab work was extra. Our birth fee was $1800. We billed insurance (a whole nother story, let me tell you!) and ALWAYS offered a sliding scale for our clients. Both of us attended all the prenatals and the births and would alternate for pp visits. When we began working together, we agreed that nobody should be refused care because of their ability to pay.

I'm in the process of fighting with United health Care which does cover homebirth, but has no in-network practitioners within 25 miles of my home...I'm trying to get them to cover my birth costs. Wish me luck!
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In Ohio the fee my midwives charge for ahomebirth and all prenatal care and classes is 3000.00 but they will deduct 10% if you have it paid by your 36th week.
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How does one go about fighting with an insurance co. They seem so daunting.

Has anyone ever heard that only lay midwifes can deliver at home and CNM can ONLY deliver in hospitals/birth centers?
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I have CNM's and tehy do home as well as hospital and birth center - I think it varies by state though. As for fighting the ins. co. I have no clue, mine will cover the midwife but not the home birth. luckily I LOVE the hospital that we will be birhting in and they are one of the few hospitals that care about what the mom and baby want as opposed to what medicine dictates tehey might "need".
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