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First father's day

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How are people honoring the new dads in their lives? I went into labor on mother's day, so Phoebe was my gift, and I'd like to do something nice for my husband. To be silly, I ordered him this book, since he is always making up crazy stories. But I'd like to do something sweet, too.
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You could make him something with the baby's footprint on it-mybe a photo in a frame with a spot for 2 pictures-use one for the footprint. Baby feet are so sweet and tiny-and the sure don't stay that way. This time next year you won't believe the difference!
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I'm stealing this idea from another DDC : We're on a pretty strict budget so I'm going to take a note card and pic of either DS and me, or DS and DH or of the family, cut them down to CC size, glue the pic to the card, put DS's little footprints on the back then have it laminated. I'll get him a card also, make him breakfast and maybe a massage? I'd like to get him something poker related. as he loves to poker, but will have to see how the cash flow's looking.
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