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Is your mind shot yet?

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This is really early for me..... I went shopping this morning, and guess where my Can goods went....... Right in the freezer.. I am forgetting everything, and am not thinking straight. This happened a bit later with my other 3, not this early...
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Mine just hasn't returned since number 5. LOL I forget things more easily now that is for sure.
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I also haven't had much in the way of memory for a few kids now. I beg dh to be the one in charge of paying/mailing the bills b/c I am constantly forgetting and then they're late.
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I am usually pretty good, but lately.. I have a stuttering brain:
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I feel totally dumbfounded lately about everything!
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Me-: can't remember a thing!
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I must be b/c today I got a parking ticket, just completely FORGOT that I need to pay for parking!
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I am sooo glad you posted this. I am totally brainless right now. I leave the fridge open all the time, I constantly forget what I'm doing, and can't remember anything I've said. This happened so much later with my first and not to this extent. My husband told me this morning that he wasn't sure he was going to survive this pregnancy .
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I think I've been in a constant state of fuzziness for years. I haven't had much time at all when I'm not nursing or pregnant, so I guess I'm used to it. Getting older doesn't help things any either!
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words- i can't remember words. i just start a sentence and can't think of the word i wanted to use. i mean this is the beginning - once i lose all my nouns, what's next?!
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Yep, I keep losing words as well!
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I am in a complete fog!: I don't remember the last time I drove someplace and didn't make a wrong term somewhere! I am beginning to think that I shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car!
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I thought my mind was bad with two kids and now that I am pregnant, I realize it was actually quite good

I have scraps of paper all over the house with things like insurance claims, title insurance policy numbers, phone #s, etc. and those save my life...if I can remember where I put them.
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