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Hi there! My wife is actually pregnant with out first child, so I was poking around this site. I thought I’d post about a project I’m doing.

I’ve just created something called “Dose of Inspiration”. It’s going to be a DVD sent out every month of inspiring stories and documentaries. It’s not religious, just some great thoughts to make you think a little bit about life, love, truth, and seemingly small things that can come along and change your life. I think it’s really going to be refreshing for people to watch. I’m having people use their personal video cameras to videotape themselves telling their stories, and send them in. If I end up using it, I’ll compensate you.

I personally feel that people would love to hear stories from your perspectives of blending 2 families together. What were the hurdles? How did you keep it positive for your kids? Are they doing their part to help with the transition? Did your kids do something unexpected that resonated with you?

Please visit the website I set up for submissions for more information:

Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day!