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Anybody else wild about David Attenborough??

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We just received his latest DVD series, "Life In the Undergrowth"

It is AMAZING!! All about insects and the photography is exquisite. Anyone that has a child that likes bugs MUST have this.

Education and entertaining!

We own all his programs and all are super. Anybody else a fan???
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We haven't seen him yet, thank you for the post. My girls are bug crazy and would probably love this one.

Edit to add: I just took a look at amazon.com for prices and noticed the great user comments (which were all 5 star ratings).
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Originally Posted by grahamsmom98
Anybody else a fan???
About a year ago, we started to let DD1 watch the occasional DVD. Blue Planet and Life of Mammals were the first up. DD1 was quite despondent after subsequently watching the first episode of Walking with Dinosaurs because there "was no David Attenborough." Similarly, we had to leave halfway through March of the Penguins because it was "long, boring and there was no David Attenborough." I had to agree with her assessment, "I KNOW it's cold. Can't they tell me something more interesting?" That's what I love about the Attenborough series; they're packed with information that is organized in such a way you actually come away with a fairly broad understanding of the subject matter instead of just learning a few factoids.
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Originally Posted by NoHiddenFees
I had to agree with her assessment, "I KNOW it's cold. Can't they tell me something more interesting?" .
We didn't like March of the Penguins either. Everybody had raved about it so much that I was expecting this really great movie. In reality it was a rather simplistic documentary. We found it boring.

I've never seen Life in the Undergrowth but we did really enjoy the Blue Planet movies we've seen. My kids still prefer the Walking with Dinosaurs series though , and also Chased by Dinosaurs. Ben wants to be Nigel Marvin for Halloween
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Yes! We are big David Attenborough fans around here.
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HUGE David Attenborough fans here! We need to get Life in the Undergrowth - the kids would love it. We also love the BBC "Walking With..." series - especially Walking with Prehistoric Beasts. DS loves that more than Walking with Dinosaurs.

It's funny, we can watch the DA documentaries or the BBC series over and over again, but March of the Penguins was pretty much played after one viewing.
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Here is a list of David Attenborough videos/DVDs (and some others). We have all of his programs and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

We regularly go through our video/DVD library and take some to the consignment store. We are all agreed, none of these shows go anywhere!!! I can honestly say that I notice or learn something new everytime we watch them.

Another bonus, they are GREAT to take in the car on trips! David has gotten us through some very dull scenery on rainy vacations!

David Attenborough's:

Life On Earth
Life Of Birds
Secret Life Of Plants
Blue Planet
Life Of Mammals
Trials Of Life
Living Planet
Jewel Of the Earth (all about amber)
Life In the Freezer
Life In the Undergrowth (all about insects)


Japan's Secret Garden (a David Attenborough program)
Garden Of Eden (on the Seychelle Islands)
The Unknown World (microscopic life)
Treasures Of the Great Barrier Reef
Miracle Of Life (in the womb)


The Great Barrier Reef
The Living Sea
Coral Reef Adventure
Blue Planet (different from the David Attenborough series above)
Origins Of Life

PBS Home Video:

Secrets Of the Ocean Realm

Winged Migration




Walking With Dinosaurs
Walking With Cavemen
Walking With Prehistoric Beasts
Chased By Dinosaurs
Prehistoric America


When Dinosaurs Roamed America
Dinosaur Planet

National Geographic:

Any of the Really Wild Animals videos (set of 10 available, any and all are terrific for kids AND adults!)
any National Geographic specials
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I was a Bio major in college with a concentration in Animal Behaviour. I love me some Attenborough.
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I'm going to have to check my library for these.
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Count us in as well!! We have seen almost everything he has done.

Hey we liked March of the Penguins though!!
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Loved him for years! I grew up watching him on TV in the UK. I really should introduce my kiddos to him. Thanks for bringing this up.
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Late post but... US TOO US TOO! Goooooo DAVID!

DS (5) and I still giggle wildly about the part in "Life of Mammals" where the David is in a boat and coming upon a blue whale and he's simply giddy with glee, falling all over himself and his words with utmost excitment! His enthusiasm is just lovely...

We've also been enjoying Life of Birds and Blue Planet! We're working our way through the library shelf!

The best,
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Ooooo Yesssss! The Secret Life of Plants. My Fave!
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We love David Attenborough! He's like an extra grandfather around here. My dd1's favorite series of his is Life of Birds.

I remember when dd2 was about 2, she saw a gray-haired neigbor across the street and asked, "Is that David?" I thought it was so cute.

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If you like bugs, I highly recommend Microcosmos. It's a beautiful, beautiful film.
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