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Mid Year Organize/Declutter etc Challenge

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Okay, July 1st is almost here. If you want to call this a July Challenge or whatever- I want this done by the mid year date.

I need to get rid of another 500 items. I also need to clean out areas etc so that is where the 500 items comes from again. Also our church is having its annual rummage sale next weekend so I can delcutter things to there.

I need to go thru all storage areas etc, clean out the fridge/freezer, go thru the pantry, clean out the garage, storage shed, and attic. Also go thru my kitchen cabinets. And really bad- go thru DD1's old stuff to use for DD2 and store it properly or hang in DD2's closet. All of her shoes that she did not wear out, I can clean up and store for DD2.

since dd2 is our final, I can slowly get rid of things as she ages out too.

Big aspirations but I so need to do this. I want it done by the 1st but this Challenge is good until the last day of July.

Any takers? List your goal this month and how you plan on getting there!

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I am in...I have no idea how many pieces yet. Let me think about it. I can't wait to start though. I will update this post soon

Donated 25 pieces of clothing yesterday

Cleaned out our bathroom closet. 70 pieces gone

My husband went through the freezer. 20 items gone.
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I'm in ... sort of

I will do what I can over the weekend, but everything will be added to the pile up in my garage. Then after I have the babies, I'll take the time to sell or donate everything. Simplify the house now & take care of the garage later. A girl has to pick her battles, I guess.

I am in for 300 items (100 a day for Fri, Sat & Sun). I'll be moving very slowly, but it's the last weekend I've got so I'll make it count.

Thanks for the motivation!
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ok, I'm on the move...

I got some things "out of the house" so to speak(with a little help).... They are now in the garage until further notice. It's quite a list, but most items are big, so it was good to get them out. Bear with me, but I think I hit my goal for the day, so I'm quite pleased.

4 end tables, 5 pc drt, 16 decorative accessories, 2 directors chairs, 8 martini glasses, 1 ladder, 1 platter, 5 cobalt fish, 8 plates & 8 tumblers, 1 muslin screen, 1 vacuum, 1 steamer, 3 sets of shutters/blinds, 1 coffee maker, 1 bag craft stuff, 2 cushion/pillow, 1 trunk, 2 trays, 4 towels, 5 framed prints, 20 placemats, 3 lamps, 1 bowl, 2 games, 3 baskets, 1 candle, 1 vase, 1 pan, 1 curtain set.

I think that's 113 or so items. Woo-Hoo! I'll be checking in again tomorrow. Wishing all of you luck and much progress!!!!
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I'm in! a few days ago I sorted through ds's clothes and dontated some (hes my first we plan on more lol) to my home visiting nurse, also gave her some formula I had in the house and diapers. DH went through his stuff and put alot in the trash,we looked through our pantry and freezer and got rid of opened or expired foods, and the pantry finnaly got organized to the point where I know where everything is!!!! and I went through my closet today and got rid of clothes and shoes (i only have 4 pairs left ) that dont fit or arn't worn. I guess so far its around 150 items.....we still have more to go through I love summer cleaning.
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OK- today put Maggie in the BabyBjorn I took out for dh. I normally use the sling. She loves the babybjorn!

Then I
went thru the pantry and cleaned it up a bunch
cleaned out expired stuff from the fridge!!

went thru diaper stash

its coming along!
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Well, I had to take it easy yesterday since DH had to work, so I could only trudge around with little stuff. I think I hit the halfway mark for my goal, too. I'll do what I can today....

Here's what moved out yesterday...

3 books, 1 sunshade, 1 towel, 1 planter, 4 potholders, 1 oval dish, 2 vases, 2 spoonrests, 1 marinator, 1 pitcher, 3 wall art, 4 tumblers, 12 plates, 16 platters/trays/cuttingboards, 1 gravy boat, 2 soccerballs, 1 puzzle

So my totals are: 54 items for the day & 167 items total.
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I am in! I have gotten rid of so much stuff already, but I still have tons more.


1. Donate items I was saving to sell on ebay (a year ago)
2. Go through office supplies and accessories
3. Organize my sewing/scrapbook area
4. Organize my son's homeschool stuff
5. Clear the clutter off my desk
6. Go through the storage stuff in the closet
7. Sell my unused, unread, never gonna read again books to the bookstore
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It's the mid-day tally. Had to take a break, belly aches a bit w/ the twins movin' & groovin'. So I figured I'd get a partial tally together...

4 teapots/pitchers, 1 dog dish, 5 cookbooks, 5 planters/plantstands, 3 dog toys, 2 candleholders, 1 wallet, 1 watch, 1 masher, 3 sets sheets, 10 accessories, 1 duffel, 1 butterdish, 2 coasters, 8 containers, 2 toiletries bags, 1 bedspread, 2 pillows, 6 mirrors, 6 frames, 4 prints, 2 bowls, 4 magazines, 1 shower curtain....

That's 76 so far and a total of 243 for the weekend. I'll update you after I've got my second wind!
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well I did it!

Ok, so i've finished for the day and here is where I am...

1 steak knife set, 4 moonlights, 1 utility cord, 2 spoon set thingys, 7 tablecloths, 1 spatula set, 3 sets curtains, 1 basket, 6 bottles paint, 3 sets gloves, 9 bottles lotion, 11 cassettes, 2 prints, 1 mirror, 1 mug, 3 pencil boxes, 10 toys, 2 totes, 17 candles, 1 garlic roaster, 1 starch, 1 dye, 12 picnic plates, 12 picnic bowls, 4 tumblers, 1 vase, 1 candleabra, 3 curtain rods, 1 set finials, 1 sewing mannequin, 1 papertowel holder, 1 set salt & pep, 8 magazines, 9 books, 14 videos, 1 pitcher, 1 cable, 1 box of remnant fabric, 3 ornaments, 2 typewriters,

That's 164 for the day and 407 for the weekend if my math and eyes are right! Wow, who knew my cupboards & drawers held so much stuff! We'll see if I get any more out tomorrow!
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I set out a huge garbage bag of clothes for charity yesterday. Two or three times a month I put out at least a garbage bag, usually two, so that is helping. My goal is to give away or throw away at least 300 items by the end of July. I can do this!
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I'm in!

I've been decluttering for 2 weeks and I've probably gotten rid of half of the stuff in my apartment - easily a thousand things. I still have some more I'd like to be rid of, especially clothes.
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we are coming along and eating out the freezer to clean it out.

also weeding stuff out as dd2 grows out of it and a bassenett dd1 loved napping in, dd2 hates so its going to another family. dd2ikes her cosleeper/cosleeping and the sling.

sold stuff on the tp, gave other stuff away and now getting ready to ebay.
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I'm in! I am planning on at least 100 things (i haven't ever done this so i may be underestimating) Going through DS toys today so i will tally that later. I don't know what else really needs to be gone through right now.
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Wow! You ladies are doing great!

I'm in, too. We just decided to stay in our small house in the city instead of buying a bigger one in the 'burbs. "Everything must go!" LOL! I know we can make this space work with less junk.

I just freecycled a ton of stuff recently, and there's more to come. I'll keep you posted. This is a great motivator!
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Quick review of the closet and I found a t-shirt and cardigan (no longer fits!) to put in the box. Yay!
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I'm in! So far in June we have freecycled or otherwise gotten rid of one humidifier, a big pile of books, two bags of old clothes, and 33 pieces of old flatware.

And also:

one bag of magnetic poetry magnets
21 dishes
a sugar/creamer set
41 things from the top of my fridge
wood carving
old TV set
20 old magazines/catalogs
25 pieces of junk mail
one1 old newspaper
Buddhist prayer flags
an almost empty container of muffin cups
19 videos
old coin bank
old wallet
three water bottles
coffee table book
old bottle of mustard
five odds and ends from the bedroom bureau
eleven old batteries
75 more old magazines and catalogs:
two more magazines
DVD player
two cat toys
seven things from my freezer
one insulated lunch tote
42 more old magazines and catalogs (um...sensing a theme here? )
one old glass milk bottle
two glass candleholders
133 plastic and paper grocery bags :
one old bottle of lotion

Total: 468 things!

I'm so amazed by the things that people will come to our house to get from Freecycle!
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HI! new over here and I wanna join in the challenge!
Here Are my simplifying goals for my midyear declutter/organization!

1.Clean closets and get rid of items we don't use
2.Give away clothes that we do not wear anymore to Goodwill
3.Simplify each room down to what we NEED
4.organize kitchen/ give away dishes we don't use anymore
5.have a yardsale
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Guess I am gonna move over here. I was able to get to 500 and beyond. As of today I am at 645. I changed my goal from 500 to 750 looks like I will reach that pretty quick. I am doing a major toy purge. and still decluttering my room. It is looking better but still BAD. We are definately progressing though.

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lastnight we cleaned out 3 garbage bags of expired food!!! some with dates from 2004 it was awful, I can't belive we hadn't done this sooner.

we plan to do more to the bedrooms and some stuff in storage still.
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