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New Roll-Call

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Now that we have our own (sub) folder, let's get re-acquianted!

I'm Khris, SAHM and homeschooler to Jack who is now 7 and has Asperger's Syndrome and possibly Bi-Polar disorder, and Lucy who is 3 with Post Trumatic Stress (medical).

Welcome one and all!
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Hi! I'm Rose, Mama to 2 year old Anna Esther and 7.5 month old Thomas. Anna has a profound speech delay and some sensory issues. She is responding well to therapy and I think she will be caught up by her 3rd birthday in October. Thomas had a stroke while in utero that wasn't discovered until his second day of life. His prognosis is uncertain. Currently he is mildly developmentally delayed, with some stiffness in his muscles and tongue thrust problems. He may also have brain damage and no periphreal vision. They just don't know yet. Although he is perfect in my eyes, it hurts my heart that other people will not see him the way I do, kwim?

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Hello everyone!
I am peggy, SAHM to six beautiful children.
Molly 5, has achondroplasia (dwarfism) and Timothy 22, has OCD.

I'm glad we're all here for each other!
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Hi, I am Kim mom to three children. Elizabeth is 6, Dylan is 2, and Jack is 1.
We adopted Dylan from birth and he has fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. His special needs range in that he has sensory issues, ADHD, and he has very aggressive tendencies that can turn violent. Dylan is also developmentally way above his physical age cognitively and physically which makes parenting often very difficult.

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Hi, I'm Wendy mom to 3 boys scott who's 6 and has Aspergers & ADHD. Walker, 5, Reigers syndrome and Caldwell 1 possible Reigers as well.
glad to hear from others
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I am Jerri, mom to two boys. Tanner is 11 and has Aspergers and a very wonderful, tiring two year old named Deegan. My oldest son has been homeschooled since first grade, he is now in 5th grade. Glad to meet (remeet?) everyone.

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Posting here is a big step for me...I'm new to this.

Hi everyone, I'm Jesse! Mama to Violet and Zoe. Violet is 2.8 years and Zoe is nearly 5 weeks old.

Violet has some pretty serious speech delays and possible hearing loss--we are in the process of getting her evaluated. She has a speech eval. tomorrow and a hearing eval. later in the month.

Its a scary time for us.

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We're right there with you Indiegirl. We just got a confirmation of what we've been wondering about for a long time. It's really kind of scary, you've got this same great kid you've always had but suddenly, it feels like somehow your responsibilities have somehow tripled. I still have lots of questions, but I'm trying to sort through things and figure out what is really going to be helpful for us. Nice to have you here.

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Hi I am Cerridwen
My dear son #2 aka Babyzilla is age 6
Expressive Receptive Language Disorder
Sensory Integration Disorder

though he is waiting for his final OT and Speech appts. the ice storm here killed them as scheduled!

My teen has ADHD and still has a touch of ODD from time to time.
Its nothing like it used to be

Like Khris we homeschool all four of our munchkins
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I'm Andrea and I have twins who just turned three who were born at 29 weeks. they have global developmental delays, and sensory integration disorder. one much much more severe. the one who is more severe has low muscle tone, proprioceptive issues, vestibular issues (the other one has vestibular issues too), self stimulates verbally (ie screaming, spitting, and making other noises that are very ummm annoying) and also needs deep pressure and briuses himself by pinching himself (gawd I hate writing all this down) he seems to feel no pain at all - he fell on the playground on sunday from the monkey bars so hard that everyone around heard the thud and he just got up and kept on playing... he also stuffs food in his mouth and will keep something behind his teeth for hours... he also has bowel problems due to the low tone and he always either has diarreah or constipation
I also have a 21 month old who was full term but is not devoloping speechwise b/c he has "innapropriate role models" :
okay that's it for now...
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I am mom to 3 kids, ages 2, 4, and 7. My 7yo has Tourette's Syndrome and occasional bouts of OCD. We are homeschooling him for first grade after public schooling him for kindergarten.

I'm glad this forum is here. I do not post often, but I am a big reader. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm here, and I'll try to be better about posting. I'm on the quiet side in real life, too !
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hi, everyone!

nice to meet, or remeet, all of you!

i have often posted here about my best friend's daughter, hannah. she was dx in 2001 with pdd. i have known her since her birth & she is closer to me than if she were my niece.

i am so excited because i have just been hired as hannah's in home mental health aide. 20-30 hrs. per week i will be in her home, helping her, playing with her, just loving her. she is amazing. i am planning to just follow her around & do whatever she does, all day long. i sat with her, on her dining room table one day, & stacked plastic cups w/ her over & over again. i kept thinking, why am i having SO much fun?! but i was!

a friend has a child w/ down's syndrome, she was w/a group of her friends who were all discussing their children. one of them all of a sudden looked at her & said, oh, we are SO sorry. she was like, sorry for what? they were apologizing for talking about their "normal" kids in front of her. she is so awesome, she said, don't apologize to me, i feel sorry for YOU! not one of them has a relationship w/ her kids like she has w/ hers.

i tried & tried the other day to MAKE myself feel sorry for hannah, & i truly could not think of one reason. she is amazing.

peace & love to you all in your journeys. i am so glad this forum is here!

love, jenny
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Hi, I am Katie with a nearly 8 month old DS who has Hirschsprung's Disease. He has a colostomy now. We haven't scheduled his pull-though just yet, but it will be done in April, May or June.

Glad there's a board here for me.
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Just wanted to say WELCOME!! to everyone!!
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hiya..just "noticed" the forum

I am step mommy to a kiddo who has been diagnosed as PDD (non specific).
I also have an extensive background in working with and advocating for Individuals with special needs. I managed a group home for some time and then worked as a technician and evaluator in an Assistive Technology Center. We worked with people of all ages and disabilities and did assessments, evaluations, implementation and training for the local school systems.
glad to "meet" everyone!
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I'm Laura SAHM to Samantha age 5. We are currently testing for ADHD,OCD,TS,and Aspergers. Abigail is her little sister who will be 3 in April.
DH has MS.
So we keep pretty busy around here
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hi there!i have a soon to be 13 yr old ds called ali.he ws delivered by a former o.b. who delivered him 6 wks early because i was crying too much.he had trouble at birth.all his life he's had problems and was given several diagnoses.he's usuall considered learning disabled.he's my heart!
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Hi! I have a dd, Sara, with ADD and severe dyslexia! So far, the ds's seem ok(but its hard to tell when their two!)

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Hi. I'm Shannon, mom to 3 boys and a baby on the way. My twins were born at 29 weeks due to TTTS and the donor twin, Emmet has a heart defect. He also has PDD, FTT, asthma, right-sided weakness, speech problems, and SID. Gus has PDD, and I'm in the process of getting him tested for SID. My 2 year old is perfectly normal 'cept he lives here! LOL! The baby I'm carrying has me worried, as I lost a tremendous amount of blood at 11 weeks. Time will tell.....
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hey there,

my daughter is almost fourteen months old and she has down syndrome (as you may have noticed from my little replied shout out to all the ds mamas )

i'm glad to meet you and hope that we become a support to one another.

~ star baby
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