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EarthAngel- Ok good! Anyone who has been to SC KNOWS what I mean! And ya know what is the worst(besides SC on a football weekend)? SC when DMB comes to town...ugh.: Williamsport is pretty cool...our naturopath is there, but we can't afford to drive there/go to to him anymore.
Cheeserjedi- Hey Mama! The kiddos will be 23 months apart...NOT planned! Makena was concieved on the pill- this one on condoms! My mom says we're going for a 100% failure rate I actually said "No oopses untill laet summer/early fall" b/c I really wanted an out door water birth in the summer...but alas! Our babes pick us! I will let oyu know how the age space goes. And...b/c of this new surprise- we wont be coming to fort collins for another 2 years- but it is still THE plan! WHo knows- by that time we'll probably be knocked up again! Anywho...if we come visit though, I'll holla atcha.
Does this osund crazy: I am worried this babe wont be as mellow and happy as DS b/c she/he wont go to as many shows in utero. Do you think it's possible?
Have fun this summer mamas!!!!
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Originally Posted by Lizzo
Williamsport is pretty cool.

I'm sorry to laugh, but I've not heard that from anyone .....ever....that Williamsport is cool I mean!!! Totally cracked me up!!!

My friend used that naturopath for a while when she was stuck in the Port and she liked him too. She is in OR now though.

I love the country there, it is really beautiful, but the politics I can seriously do without!!!

Funny we're from pretty similar stomping grounds though
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I used to go to DMB shows all decked out in my patchies and fairy wings and glitter blowin bubbles.
People would actually stop me to take a picture with me! Or they would take pictures of me from afar. SO funny.........I used to lay in bed at night and think of all the dorm room walls my picture was on, with the caption "the day I met a real life hippie chick!!!" next to it
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hey hoookagirl do you post at amity's as well?
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Cheese that cracks me up. I had several experiences like that but the strangest one was while I was living in Bothell. I had taken the kids out to the park for the afternoon. A charter bus pulled up and out spilled a ton of Japanese tourists. They eventually made their way toward the playground and I wasn't really paying much attention to them. Next thing I know, me and my kids are surrounded by them ooohhing and awweing over us and then one of the girls asked if they could have their picture taken with us in her broken English. I said sure but confused on why they would want a picture of random American family they didn't even know. Then, they formed a huge circle around us and the girl taking the picture counted off 1-2-3 and then all of the tourists copped cheesy grins and the peace sign. Afterwards, they thanked me and asked how does one become an American hippie? I was in shock and didn't even know what to say. I just said I was born that way and they all nodded and looked at me as though they completely understood. It was a strange experience I must say.

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shelbi, that's outstanding. i forget: are you dready? i don't know how i would have reacted either... just been dumbfounded, i guess!

lizz: i don't think it matters. i'm sure you still get your groove on as much as possible at home and driving around (i just got a new car and am LOVING the speakers. ds and i were rocking to digable planets and parliament all afternoon!). just keep that bass pumping and baby will definitely feel it through your belly.
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People used to take pictures of me all the time at gas stations/parking lot's when I had my 77' yellow volkswagon van. My partner at the time used to get so anoyed. He hated feeling like a "side show". It was plenty worse with my huge chevy high top conversion van I painted up to look like a pirate ship but if people stared at me funny I would just shoot them with my super soaker. : ahhh but that was years ago...dp and I now share a very humble little mazda staion wagon, we look all undercover.

*** I was wondering something and posted on another board but how many of y'all still or if ever wear and love your patchwork? I seriously wear something patchie everyday. I sew it though so that is why. I even started making patchwork nursing tops so I can go backless this summer I have just been sewing like crazy to get ready to vend on lot this summer and was wondering how many of you mamas still love patchwork as much as i do.

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heheh-gillieanne, your post made me smile and giggle. I used to call myself the "wookie princess" b/c I was all stereotyped hippie looking-long hair w/dreads in it down to my arse, full on patchwork, cruisin shows in a 72 vdub bus, ohhh myyy.

While I do still rock the occasional patchy piece, I've really tried to get away from it, just b/c that has been my look for sooooo many many years. Heck, I still wear tie dye, who am I kiddin. I don't sew much anymore either. I used to *have* to make myself a new dress for each tour run so that I'd have the prettiest dress in the lot/at the show. I used to really love to see sistahs wearing my stuff after they bought it, you know, like a year or two later you see a skirt, and think, hmmmm, I made that on x night before we left for y tour....fun. Those clothes gave me many shows.

Show me whacha make when you're done. I do love to see others' creations!

Oh, and yeah, now we rock a nissan minivan, rofl!!! Oh, and NO stickers allowed on it!!!!!!
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i wear patchy stuff pretty frequently. (more now so with the tops from you miss funk!)

It's hard because i've lost alot of weight and some stuff I had to sell because it didn't fit, and hate to buy stuff new. I get stuff often from thrift (not patchy) and i look for used patchy stuff on ebay. it's amazing how motherhood can wake the environmental beast up even more! not to say I never buy any clothes but you get the drift!

I miss having a nice comfy pair of patchy pants mine were all falling off and i sold them!

shelbi that's so funny. I hear there are a ton of hippies in Japan that look just like us USA hippies!

eta I think more than it being about a look, it's nice to wear something that didn't roll out of a factory on some other continent and you know your sporting something that took some thought and creativity... It's funny though, the last couple show's I've been to, I haven't worn anything patchy looking back on it. Nothing intentional, I just don't put THAT much thought into image/dressing!!
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I still wear my patchies everyday. I don't sew much anymore and prefer to buy quality pieces from ebay. It is just too darn expensive at shows. My favorite store on ebay is Handmade Kindness. She does awesome work and accepts custom orders, and is reasonably priced.

I too have had a LOT of weight loss and have had to purchase all new clothes. I was forced. I don't like to shop but when you go from a size 18 down to a size 6 it's time for new ones. I too have had to sell my old spinny dresses. It was hard to let them go. They had been part of me for sooo long. I still have one more. Any need a festival dress that is a bigger gal and have something good to trade for it? It is blue and white calico patterns and has a massive spin on it and a couple of patches (Grand Canyon, Big Basin State Park on pocket, and a blue/white flower on the bodice). I wish I had a digi cam so I could attach a photo. PM if you are interested. Oh yeah, I also have a pair of blue patchwork pants that are drawstring. I love them but they are just way too big. I wouldn't mind doing a trade for those as well.

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Well...ok W-port isn't COOL. But it has like fitty naturopaths and holistic healers...but for th most part...it's pretty gross.
Gillieanne- I love my patchies...but it's weird...I feel wierd wearing it nowadays. Lately though, I've been getting back into it. I wore that shirt you gave me today at the beach and I felt at home!!! I went through post partum depression and I think I just really wanted to...not conform, but not look super different from other mamas. And since I've been working on getting over it, I've been more comfortable being me. the only pregnancy clothes I own are patchy...so I better git used to it!
Last year on tour int he middle of Kansas...we were in line to pee and this chick was like "Are you guys REAL hippies?" Crazy.
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Originally Posted by Lizzo
Well...ok W-port isn't COOL. But it has like fitty naturopaths and holistic healers...but for th most part...it's pretty gross.
I didn't realize that THAT many healers are living in that area. Wow, pretty amazing!! I do know some great old heads in the area, but even they are a bit "incognito" these days IYKWIM.

Kinda like what some of you mammas are saying. Rockin in the ol mini van and what not (we're in a Ford F250...and the only sticker is supportin' our biodiesel...we get so many questions from that one sticker though....which is very cool...and a whole other subject ) Our stella (our purple 72 VW van) was retired long ago for a more "reliable car". I still miss her on those warm summer days....ahhhhh.

Not many patcie clothes in my closet anymore, not sure why.....just up for a change I guess. I'd also love to see what ya'll have been making though, I really enjoy seeing others art.
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Hey mamas...its been a long time:

This is the first thread that I have been to in a long time and it feels fitting, as I sure miss traveling when it gets warm. We miss bluehead, our westie that dd named. We sold her last year to buy a more practical "minivan" DD said she was not going to name the van becuase it was the same as everyone elses and it didnt deserve a name. hehe

We are hitting up summerfest in Milwaukee this summer...what a great festival. If you are close check it out. Also All Good...anyone going to that?? Doing some randome Phil shows in the midwest. There is also a festival in MI this August calle dunegrass...Peter Rowan and Tony Rice, Electric Hot Tuna...at sleeping bear dunes.

Shelbi, one of these times I am comming with to see floomotion. Girl, you've got me really wanting to see them.

We went and saw Les in Milwaukee last week with the kids and we were the only ones there with kids. Everyone was really wierd about it. I much prefere outside shows with kids, I like sitting up on the hill with the mamas.I havent bought a ticket for my kids since the grateful dead family reunion. They said everyone had to have a ticket no matter what their age, and then at the gate, they were like...oh she doesnt need a ticket...so there went $100...since everone there had tickets we couldnt even give it away.

Oh yeah, going to see Bonnie Rait on Saturday. I never really appriciated her until I hung out in humboldt and she always headed up the redwood rallies and would get arrested first for crossing the protest lines.

Allright mamas, good to see you .

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I was never really big into wearing patchwork or bright tye die things, but a patchwork backless nursing top sounds SWEET! I got a sewing machine last christmas and I've made some diapers and fixed some clothes but I've never actually made any clothes. The one beef I have with most nursing tops is that there's hardly ever a built in bra so I have to wear a bra or I'm all saggin and uncomfortable. But then you have to pull the bra down in the nursing top and it seems pointless. There is one nursing tank top in my store (I work in an AP store that sells nursing clothes) that is soooooo cool and I want it so bad but it's $46 : . I should inspect it and make my own!!

So Huey Lewis was....very 80's. What a weird crowd. We had fun though and DH was loving it so it was worth it. Any reason to go to Red Rocks is cool with me. Dd kept her earplugs in the whole show but when we got back to the car we saw that they were gone. She hasn't pooped them out yet though so maybe they just fell out.
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My DMB experience is similar in nature... being photographed, snickered at, and downright insulted...: it got worse as the kids got drunker they got meaner and louder... you definately won't be seeing our family at another DMB show after that.

I love patchwork and still have a few of my own creations left... I wish I had more time to sew, I want to see my little girls in some beautiful patchy dresses this summer! Hmmmm, maybe a trade is in order... post some pix, patch~mamas! Anyone into making some 3T's?
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I wanted to add- I am not much for tye dye. For some reason it bugs me. But I do LOVE LOVE it on bebes!! Makena totally rocked the tye dye...I think abou thaving a tye dye party this summer to dye his clothes and the new lil soul's too!
Party on mamas!
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I used to work for a tie dye company and thought it was cool for a while but it feels so stereotypical and for some reason I can't stand being called a "hippe." I mean, I got dreadies but I don't feel like I dress like a hippie unless you count wearing lots o skirts. Whatev. But I'm like you, Lizzo, I love tie dye on my beeb. It's so much better than all those typical (and more often than not) cheesy baby outfits!

I'm getting all excited for High Sierra Music Festival. It's coming up so soon and then right after that Widespread Panic is playing up in So. Lake Tahoe. So it's gonna be a lot of music (try 7 day/nights in a row). This will be Joaquin first festie - he went to an outdoor Midnite show last September and really liked it. My dh and I do a lot of shows, but we don't like to bring him because so many shows are held in casinos and we all know how nasty and smokey those places can be. No place for a beeb, that's fo sho. We end up taking turns going to shows. So yay for outdoor, fresh aired festies!!
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Just jumping in to say hello mamas! I've been reading for a bit now and figured I'd drop a line. I posted in the fest and vending families tribe a bit ago. Dd and I are going to Floyd Fest (World Music Festival) in Floyd, VA. Dh is not coming along for the 4 day fest, which will be an amazing adventure in and of itself. I'd love to meet up w/ some other MDC mamas, while there.

I have family in SC, actually most of my family went to Penn State.

Patchwork...I try to sew threads for me and dd, but I never seem to have the time. I don't have a serger...and I do buy from other mamas. I'd love to see some threads, gillieanne.

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Alright, I need some help! For all of you that went camping with toddlers, could you please list the things you took that you were SO glad you did, the things that you wish you would have brought and the things you didnt need at all?!?!
I am making alist but really dont want to forget something, I tend to forget the most common things that you use all the time!(You know, like toothbrushes!)

And if it makes a difference there will be two toddlers (my DD and Lizzo's DS), and it is in the acutal woods, not a field, and there is a lake and a beach there but it gets alot of sun for most the day.

Oh and I feel the same for tye-dye beign for little bebes and not grown ups! I think it stems back to when I was 4/5 and my bestfriends totally out of style dad would wear a washed out hyper color tye-dye and those jam MC hammer pants in zebra stripes. Yeah scary image, so I tend to stay away from them!!

But....there are some amazing tye-dyeshere: www.thecolorfarm.com
I wouldnt mind a shirt done by them sooo pretty! Or a skirt in all those amazing earthtones, ugh that would be fabulous!!
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Yeah- I hate being called a hippie. To me- it's word coined by journalists in the 1960s. I was born in 1988...when YUPPIE was the cool thing to be.
My DP's dad- whose a totall arse thinks he's a hippie b/c he smokes herb (and totally neglects his kids- will chose durgs over groceries for his severly anemic girls anyday) and wears tye dye. Sooooooo lame. But anyway.....
I WISH oh I wish we could do high sierra or reggae ont he river....or both. But we'll be stuck ont he east coast!
Whit- I hink that lots of water, snacks, sun lotio - babe in need
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