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I made butter!

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I just wanted to keep you guys updated in my goat milking experiences.

I bought a seperator (used). It took me a few days to get the hang of it but I finally managed to get the cream. I put it in the kitchenaid, flipped the switch, and VOILA twenty minutes later, BUTTER!. I didn't like the color so I grated a carrot and squeezed some juice into it. It worked great and, now I don't feel like I'm eating Crisco
Washing the buttermilk out of it was a bit of a pain but after I chilled it in the fridge it was much easier.
Anyway, thanks for reading!
Crissei (aka; Butter Maven)
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I've been wanting to try to make butter now for a while. Mine would not be so completely home-made as yours, though. I would just try to buy cream at the store instead of butter and whip it myself. I don't know what the price comparison is....

I think that's awesome!! YOU ROCK!!!
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I dont know what dairy products cost you there, but here it's not worth it. It would take about 10dollars worth of cream to make 1lb of butter which I get for almost $5 *organic.

You are so lucky Crissei to have the goats milk! ... One day... I dream..
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