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Where did my morning sickness go??

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So.. I have been quite sick this time around.. more so than with #2. It has taken all my willpower not to puke many times a day..Usually I feel queasy all day long and then it gets really bad after 5pm, where I can't eat anything and fear to open my mouth..I usually head to bed early.. miserable.. to try and sleep through the worst of it.
Yesterday I had my first ultrasound (7 weeks and change) and that afternoon and evening.. hardly any morning sickness.. this am.. the same.. hardly any..

what gives? If I hadn't seen a HB yesterday, I'd be really worried.. I am just slighly worried and a bit perplexed... where did the nausea go? Not that I /like/ feeling like I am going to puke.. but morning sickness makes me feel like all is well.. and now that it is gone.. I wonder...

I am sure I am over reacting...DH says maybe I was so worried about twins I just thought myself sick... I just thought the sicker I felt.. the better things were going.. and now I hardly feel sick.. so what does that mean??

Did your morning sickness come and go around this time? Last time I was sick constantly until 16 weeks
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I felt sick -- not puking, but not feeling well -- pretty much all day, off and on, until about 16 weeks or so. The last 8 weeks or so were also extremely stressful times for me with work and being away from home, so that might have extended it.

Any dietary changes that could have helped you?
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I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant with #5 and my morning sickness has been very sporadic. I might have a couple of "bad" weeks, then a good one and the cycle goes on.

I know how stressful it can be though, worrying about these wee ones before we can *feel* that they're there.
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It is very normal for morning sickness to come and go. As long as the HB looked good and was strong you more than likely have nothing to worry about. It is believed that m/s is brought on by the excess of hormones in our bodies during pregnancy. So, when you think about it, the way our hormones fluctuate up and down during pregnancy it kind of makes sense that m/s would come and go. If it would ease your mind, tell your care provider that you would like to have your levels checked every other day to ensure they are at least doubling every 24-36 hours.
I'm 16wks 5ds and my m/s sickness started around week 6 and stopped at week 12.... then last week I was nauseous for a few days.... see what I mean? It comes and goes.
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i will send u my morning sickness!
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thanks for the reassurance ladies. I have it a little today although nothing like earlir this week

the HB was 157.. good I think
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