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I will pass on some advice I got here to interview & select a pediatrician to be present at the birth. Our usual ped (the one we already had selected for dd) did not practice at the hospital where we delivered the twins, so we interviewed & chose a pediatrician to attend their birth. She was fine knowing she would only be for the birth and not the boys' ped afterward. And she was wonderful. I was handed both babies immediately upon delivery. I held baby A for a while, then dh held him. When I needed dh for baby B's pushing stage, I asked him to pass baby A off to our midwife/doula. That is one of the reasons I insisted on hiring a doula, because I wanted to know whose hands baby A would be in while I delivered baby B. None of the babies' assessments were done until well after baby B was delivered. I nursed them both in the delivery room (I was not in the OR). Best wishes to you!
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My advice, and I may get completely flamed for this, is to have a birth plan/ideal but to NOT be so set on it that any deviation feels like a major failure/invasion/loss. As much as we want to be in control of these experiences, sometimes they just don't work out exactly the way we wanted/planned.

Case in point:
I had a c-section at 33.5 weeks. "Crocodile Rock" was on the radio in the OR. The babies were taken away immediately and I was not able to actually nurse them for days because my milk hadn't yet come in... when I got to hold them, they were hooked up to machines and were covered in wires. Obviously, this wasn't, any part of it (especially the Elton John), what we'd planned. But at the same time, there was nothing to be gained by me hand-wringing over what might have been.

Fast forward almost two years. I am still nursing my two gorgeous wild children. I bury my face in their necks and hug them and kiss them a thousand times a day. Just thinking about them sleeping in the next room is making my heart pound.

So the birth experience wasn't what I'd envisioned... but that's okay. I know so many people who feel like they "failed" because they had to have a c-section or who continue to feel betrayed because the birth plan did not go off without a hitch... and that makes me sad.

Anyway, sort of a rant/tangent, but I've just seen too many people be so "attached" to the birth plan that when the unexpected happens (and, frankly, you have twins, so get used to it! ) they're devastated.
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My twins were born via c/s at 35 weeks. I had such a difficult time dry heaving that they eventually knocked me out. I did get to hear that both the boys were out and fine before i got knocked out. But both my boys were taken directly to the NICU because of breathing problems..so i didn't get to see my buddies until 10:00 that night. They were born at 1:31 and 1:32 pm.
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Thanks for the replies, mamas. They got me thinking that a birth "plan" is kind of ridiculous. Who can actually plan their delivery? Maybe we should call it Birth Ideal, or something. Mine was looking like a Birth No-No List (no meds, no IV, no etc.) So I threw it away. And then promptly found a doc that is kinda crunchy and had twins herself!
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I called it "Birth Management Wishes"
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mine were delivered emergency c sec and needed all the med attention immediately. But, they were only 1 minute apart and there incubators were less than an inch apart, so for the first week they were sep but close. After that, they put them in the same bed in th nicu. If they will let you nurse in the OR, then absolutely go for it. The sooner you can get them going the better!
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