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Plane travel with ebm

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Hello all,

I am leaving on a plane trip later this week and will be away from 14 mo dd for three days. I of course plan to pump while gone and hope to bring the pumped milk back to restock the freezer, which will likely be seriously depleted by this trip. Dad will be doing the caretaking, and for some reason she really likes drinking bottles with him (more than she nurses during the day from me, interestingly...)

Here's my question: have any of you tried to bring ebm on a plane through current airport security? Since Sept. 11th I have flown twice with dd, and both times been asked to taste liquid from a water bottle (mine) or sippy cup (hers). Do you think they will ask me to do that to all of the bottles and ziplock bags of ebm I will have after 3 days? It's not that I mind tasting, I just worry about contamination. I plan to bring a box of straws to use in case I am asked to do that, and use a separate one for each bottle/bag in the event they make me taste, but I still think it would not be good for the milk (not to mention the time it will take).

I am planning on getting a letter from the pediatrician confirming that I am a lactating mom, but do you have other ideas as to what I can do or stories of what you or someone you know has done?

Thanks, Kim
Mom to dd Tayte, 14 mo
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Have you considered calling the airline and asking them if it will be standard for you to have to taste it? I'd still have a plan, but this way you'll know in case .
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in case they insist, have one empty container and pour a few drops form each into the empty one for the "taste". There was a high profile incident, so I hope they might be more sensitive about this now. It's not the airline now, it's the TSA that runs the security points is their web site.
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Press Releases

Transportation Security Administration Issues Liquid and Food Screening Policy

TSA 84-02
Thursday, August 22, 2002
TSA Press Contact: Heather Rosenker or David Steigman
Tel: (202) 385-1800

Acting Under Secretary of Transportation for Security Adm. James M. Loy today announced a policy that allows passengers to carry paper or foam polystyrene cups through the walk-through metal detector at the passenger security screening checkpoints of the nation's airports.

"In an effort to make the security process more efficient and convenient for passengers, we have directed our screeners to allow passengers to carry their coffee, juice or other beverage, if it is in a paper or foam polystyrene container, through the walk-through metal detector," said Loy.

Loy noted that the policy is an effort to balance customer service and security since the metal detectors can detect objects inside paper or foam polystyrene cups. lastic, glass, metal or ceramic containers, however, must be sealed because they must pass through the X-ray machine to be screened for security.

"TSA has discussed numerous policy issues with members of the aviation community. The post 9/11 security environment makes such interaction mandatory if we are to provide optimal security for the traveling public," Loy said.

The policy indicates that plastic, glass, metal or ceramic containers must go through the X-ray machines and therefore, to prevent spillage, liquids and food must be in an unopened factory-sealed container or a sealable or spill-proof container. This means that an open can of soda is not permitted through the checkpoint; however, a bottle of soda with a sealable top is permitted, as it can safely pass through the X-ray machine without spilling.

Also included in this policy is a reminder that screeners are prohibited from asking passengers to drink or eat from any containers of food or liquid as a security clearance procedure.

"With this policy, we are making it crystal clear that the public should not be asked, nor agree to, drink any liquid or eat any food for security clearance purposes," said Loy.
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Final Report

Thanks for this information! It turned out well. I was glad to have the note from the doctor, because that made it easier to request they not xray but hand-inspect the cooler contents. So I returned home with enough to almost re-stock the freezer!

And, by the way, being away reminded me just how much I LOVE nursing. Almost as much as dd loves having her milk back to coming from the "original container"!

Mom to dd Tayte, 14 mo
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