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ovulation/period while breastfeeding??

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hey mamas.
i have a 14 month old who still regularly nurses. we cosleep, and he's starting to sleep longer stretches at night, but still wakes a couple/few times to nurse. we always nurse to sleep and on demand during the day (he's a snacker). my question:
when did you start ovulating or your period while breastfeeding?
was it the same (amt of bleeding, cramps, moods, etc) as before the babe? or did it get better/worse?
i used to have badbad cramps, but had a regular 26-28 day cycle. i'm not looking forward to having them again, and i'm feeling hints and stirrings of ovulation coming on.
what's it like for you mamas??
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I got my period when ds was around 14 mo. old. The bleeding is about the same but I hardly feel it, there is hardly any pain at all. Since I am still nursing it is very irregular, some short cycles, some long ones, very unreliable, but at least it does not bother me at all. I have heard this from others too, but I definately was pleasantly surprised. Good luck!
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i got mine back at 6 mos. pp.

it's slowly worked itself back to the way it was for the most part, but it still feels kind of different. i hve endo and i don't have the bad carmps or really heavy draining periods so that's been nice. but they're not exactly regular timing wise either.
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My first one was at 13 months post-partum. This one was incredibly light and just like spotting. Then 14 months came; it was pretty darn heavy, and lasted a week!! The one since then has been the same. I'm used to 32 day cycles and heavy day one and light days 2 to 4, and no longer than 4 days. I hope this passes soon, 'cause it SUCKS!!
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well i am having my third postpartum period. shosh is 17 months old! AF returned when she was 14.5 months old, but that hardly counted in my mind, as it was only 2 days and no cramping. 40 days later i had another period, this one was about 3-4 days, some cramps, but not enough to make me take pain relievers. and now i am on day 2, moderate to heavy flow, mild intermittent cramping. using the Keeper now and LOVING it. much better than stinky tampons or pads.
and prior to having shoshanna i had horrendous periods. terrible pain, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. so this is a pleasant change for me.
i totally recommend using www.fertilityfriend.com to plot your cycles, even if you use other birth control and are not trying to conceive. i've been doing it so i can see when to expect a period, since it will be approximately 2 weeks after ovulation. i am lazy though and slacked off on the charting once i established ovulation.
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My first pp menstruation was at 22 months pp. The cramps were like contractions, like it was a m/c, but then it turned into a regular period for the next four days (with continued bleeding and steady cramps), which never happened with any of my previous m/c's (I just had pain and bleeding during the m/c, and then both stopped abruptly... there was no pain or bleeding the next day). I had a regular period 51 days later and then another regular period 36 days after that.

Edited 3/26/03 to add: Just started another one, 39 days after the last one.
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My first was at 18 months pp.
They have been awful and so irregular....
Like today, I was so depressed and did not want my dh to touch me or be near me let alone look at me(and he was being very rude to me to top it off). I have felt very weepy for the past three days as well.
And not to mention AF treats me to my evil twin appearance some cycles and it is just awful...nausea cramps and severe bloating.....and just plain irritability galore.....
I use to have very light cycles and no cramps...they were a breeeze...this has been not fun...
sorry I had no good news to share....
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Yep, mine have also been much heavier than pre-preg. They returned at 17 months postpartum. Ovulation has been crampier (no need for charting fertility for bc, as I KNOW when I'm about to ovulate, no questions). Periods have been regular. They started very light (first 2), and then became VERY heavy. As others here, I do hope they lighten up eventually.

For about 2 months before my period returned, incidently, I felt pre-ovulatory/pre-menstrual, incidently, so if that's any indicator, then you might find yours returning soon.
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well, good news and bad i guess, huh? i'm sure i just ovulated the other day, and the way that went gives me a sign of how the period's going to be--crampy, emotional and not so fun. when i used to ovulate i'd get a cramp on one side for a day or two, and moody as all hell. oh, and i craved sugary foods too (she said, as she stuffed the last bite of doughnut into her mouth!) another question:

has anyone had success with herbal remedies for cramps? how about moodiness? what kinds of pain relievers do you use?

i used to get acupuncture when i could afford it, which helped a bit. now i have to rely on my own sources. i wish my health insurance would cover naturopathy...maybe someday in my son's lifetime? :
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Herbs for cramps:

Black Cohosh, Cayenne, Cramp Bark, Ginger Root, Skullcap, Valerian Root, and Wild Lettuce.

(Skullcap and Valerian are also good for moodiness)

All of these are available from Mountain Rose Herbs:


You can also get Moon Ease Blend Tea:

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