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baby lactose intolerant?

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I have a very good friend who is having a lot of trouble with her fifth baby. She has nursed all her kids and has not had this problem before - her ds is eight weeks old and has pretty much been very fussy, gassy, poopy, etc from the beginning. She has tried cutting just about everything out of her diet, tried some herbal colic remedy recommended by her sister who had success with it but that did nothing, tried giving him some of that anti-gas med, but the poor little guy fusses through a lot of the day, and most of the night. He's never inconsolable - he will take comfort from the boob if nothing else; but then she wonders if that worsens the problem since it seems like it may be her milk that's causing his troubles!

It seemed for a bit that when she ate a lot of beef he was a bit better, but cutting things out hasn't seemed to help any (she was down to bread and water for a day or two trying to figure it out).

Is it possible that the baby is lactose intolerant? She doesn't want to stop nursing but feels like if switching to formula would stop his diarrhea and unhappy, painful crying then she would do it.

Any advice? Anyone heard of this? TIA for any help!

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No. The only time a baby is lactose intolerant is a very rare disease that is screened for at birth (with the PKU etc)

Could be a dairy allergy though. It would take at least 2 weeks to get all dairy out of her system.

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I'm sure she's probably read the Nursing Mothers Companion. If she does have this book, have her refer to the section 'Survival Guide for the first 2 months' there's a section about fussiness and colic that's very helpful.

There are many reasons why this could be happening. If it is indeed something in her diet, dairy is the most common. Just make sure to tell her when you eliminate dairy to watch out for 'casein' or 'whey' that's in many foods. Those are related to dairy. Elimination diets have to be all inclusive, or they don't work, and they have to be done for several weeks before change is noticable as well. I had to eliminate caffiene from my diet because it bothered my son, where as it did not at all effect my daughter. And I'm not a big coffee drinker by anymeans!

I would definitely recommend the Nursing mother's companion though, it's got a ton of great information, and it's an excellent referral guide.

Good luck!
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Thanks, y'all, I will pass along the advice!

One more thing I wanted to mention - her baby does not have any actual signs of what is typically defined as colic, which is one of the things that's confusing us (I've nursed two myself, with one on the way). He doesn't pull up his legs, doesn't start at the same time each night (or day for that matter), and is usually able to be comforted by some measure, though it's not always the same one. Does this still qualify as colic, or some other problem?

Anyhoo, I will tell her about the dairy/casein thing - I'm sure she'll cut out any foods with either of those things immediately so hopefully that's it and in a couple of weeks they'll both be feeling better! (And getting some sleep!)

Thanks again! Wish I'd known about MDC and esp this forum with my last baby - we had all kinds of problems! :

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Dr. Sears describes colic this way:
Crying for at least 3 hrs. a day, occur 3 days per week, and continue for at least 3 weeks
begin within the first 3 weeks of life
seldom last longer than 3 months
occur in an otherwise healthy, thriving baby.

Colic can also be related to cows milk, as well.
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