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Sending her easy healing vibes!
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Just catching up on this thread- Have been thinking of you Shana and sending good vibes. I hope you can find someone to help you....anyone have other ideas? Doulas in training, perhaps? I don't know the bay area very well...
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Adding my healing vibes to the mix

Thinking of you, Shana!!!
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I just got home last night. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes for me. It means a lot to me that people actually care. I'm going to look into the Home and Health Aide thing, as I think I might need it.

I've been a rollercoaster of emotions. I'm not sure who this is I'm living with but it sure doesn't seem like me. One minute I'm "normal" the next I'm crying to my husband that he's going to torture and abandon me again today. Huh? I want to snuggle with my baby and the next minute I can't stand being touched by another human being. I have kept the BFing relationship going, though I'm not sure how I managed that one.
My DH is going nuts with me. I'm on 4 different pain meds (and I NEED every one right now), a shot DH has to give me in my belly to thin my blood, a stool softener (although too TMI: I haven't gone number 2 since an hour before my accident 2 weeks ago!!). I'm weepy and irritable and the worst thing is, I'm needy. Ewww yuck!!
I also use this death trap walker thing old ladies use to get to the bathroom or pretty much anywhere I want to go. Did you know they hurt your hands like hell, though I guess old ladies have lost most of the nerves there so they don't seem to mind. Same is true with broken bones. It's better to break 'em when your old so your nerves are deadened to most of the pain.

I'm not allowed to bear weight on my stainless steel attached ankle for another few months, where, if I've jumped through the right hoops and been a good girl, I can get a lightweight cast and maybe even a WALKING cast. Oh, I dream big. A walking cast!

DH goes back to work part time next week and then full time the week after. He's irritable too because I think between the birth, gall bladder surgery, and now this, he's taken a lot of time off and he's afraid he might lose his job.
We don't have family here to speak of, and I'm not sure how we're going to handle this. I can't even carry my own baby around.
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thats just so hard Pan. im so sorry. i wish i were closer and could come help you out. allow yourself to weep when you need to...try not to hold it in.
i cant imagine maintaining a bf'ign r/s with all taht you have gone through and i really admire you for doing it. thats just incredible.

i know this is of little solace, but they cant fire your dh b/c of your medical reasons. of course, teh law and reality are sometimes 2 different things, but hopefully his employer will be understanding.

all i can say is taht you are in my thoughts...and i wish there was more i could do than tell you that.

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Oh, Shana, I soooo wish I were local so I could come and give you a hug in person and help you out around the house and with the kids. It hurts me to think of you going through this all by yourself! You are such a strong mama, hang in there. I hope the home health aide works out, and that the stress about DHs job turns out to be for nothing...

You are on my heart and prayers every day!

Keep posting. We're all here caring for you, and it's good for you to communicate all the struggles...
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I'm hopped up on some stuff and feeling sorry for myself, so I thought I'd post some random pics.

Before Surgery

After surgery - What do you think they wrote "Yes" on me for?

The day before my Big Break

Does anyone really care? Monster pants!
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Originally Posted by Panthira
: Those have got to be the funniest shorts I've ever seen!!!
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they wrote "yes" on your leg b/c they have often operated on the wrong leg b/4 so they make sure they write on your leg to be operated!! !
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Originally Posted by aisraeltax
they wrote "yes" on your leg b/c they have often operated on the wrong leg b/4 so they make sure they write on your leg to be operated!! !
that was my thought, in my area they have done that quite a bit. One guy had the wrong leg amputated, and then they had to go get the one they were originally supposed to take.
I love the monster pants, i was expecting some of those 80's MC hammer pants, like "hey i don't care what i am wearing b/c this SUCKS" type thing, but wow, cuteness.
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OK, thanks. I should have thought of that with the Yes thing. I was hoping it was more of a Yes, look how fine this one is. Or Yes! Score, we did this surgery right! But I'll take the the Yes, we did the right leg, too.

And thanks about the Monster shorts. My DH got them for Grey from Cranky Pants on Hyena Cart. They are so cool, my 14 yr old DD begged me to write the WAHM and ask her if she would make her a pair. LOL
She said she couldn't.

And, I'm bored of laying around with my foot in the air already. This bites the big one. I cried to DH about why did I deserve this, like a big baby. There's so many more awful things that could have happened, I should be grateful.
It's just I want to carry my baby around and take cool videos and pics to share with you all, and hike. I had plans on getting my exercize routine going when we got back from vacation. (I'm now down 20 pounds, but I'm not sure why and I'm sure it'll come creeping back). My DD had camp plans but now I can't drive her and the poor girl will be stuck caring for me and her bros some of the time. Whine, whine, whine. I need a large glass.
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sweety you have the right to whine. so just whine away. we are here to listen.

i am sure your DD is going to understand. no, she probably wont be happy all the time and things may get a little tense, but when they do, just remember how she was at the hospital and she really does care for you and knows that you need her. sometimes i think its good for teens to realize they are actually needed,kwim?

just vent if you need to. we are here.

im sure it bites big time.

have you found anything about home health?

how is the baby doing? is he with you? or is your dh stepping up?

let me tell you, if i were in your situation, i woudl be worried about Es life...i KNOW my dh could never stand up to that challenge.

i know things suck...and im so sorry. you already know what a great family you have so i dont need to tell you.

focus on getting well. if that means venting, then vent away. we are here!!!

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Oh Panth, I'm still catching up on your updates.

I'm glad the surgery went well. I'm glad they got the right leg.

You have the world's most awesome daughter. I hope my children grow up to be as caring and considerate individuals as your daughter has clearly become.

Got Netflix?
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oh mt god, those pants are too cool.

I'm sending lots of healing vibes like everyone elce and try not to do too much too quickly - yoy don't want to make things worse.
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