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Refusing the bottle... Please help!!

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I'm going to be watching my sister's baby girl starting in two weeks. She'll be with me a couple of days and then in daycare the remaining days. With me, she can nurse but with daycare she has to have a bottle. And she's refusing the bottle. We've tried Avents, Medela, evenflo, etc. I just found the Adiri breastbottle nurser and was wondering if anyone has used it with or without success.

Any suggestions or reccomendations would be appreciated. My sis is beggining to really stress about this.
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I would check into:
-cup feeding
-syringe feeding
-spoon feeding
-Habermann feeder

Check out kellymom.com for more hints & specifics.

Good luck!
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How old is she? My baby will only take a bottle when shes sitting up, and only breastmilk.
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How Old is she? There's a good gerber starter sippy cup that my dd used when she wouldn't take a bottle.
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this is probably not helpful but none of my 3 girls would take the bottle. it was very stressful. my friend at the time suggested that i refuse my breast and that she would finally give in and take the bottle. i did not want to do this,it just didn't seem right. my friends baby refused to eat for 24 hours straight before giving up and taking the bottle
anyway, so I ended up not going back to work at all with any of them until they were old enough.
I have heard though that if you try some other bottles/nipples,until you find one that she likes, that might help. also trying it everyday at least once I've heard. although that is what I did. maybe have someone else besides mom do it? I couldn't, my dh worked crazy hours so it was just me, maybe that was my problem?:
good luck
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My dd had a hard time with bottles.
She wouldn't take them from me, and wouldn't take them if she thought I was there, or going to be there very soon, either.

We tried a million different kinds, found 1 she tolerated, and experiemented with feeding positions, locations, and people.

Can your sister visit her baby on her lunch hour? I did this, and it went a long ways towards how well B did, those first few days. At least I knew she wasn't going to go longer than 4 hours w/out. And, of course, she did nurse more at night to make up for it. Which was wearying on me, but seemed to suit her just fine. She turns 2 on Monday and is still nursing.
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May I suggest trying an orthodontic nipple? For a lot of breastfed babies, mine included, that's the only kind they'll take. The Gerber NUK and Playtex Ortho are two I recommend.
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Just to second someone else's thought-

My DS wouldn't take a bottle when I was anywhere near the house. He just out and out refused- I could go in another room, stand outside, go for a walk, whatever- and he wouldn't take one. I was worried about going back to work. I expected to get a call the first day but none came- when he knew I wasn't around he took the bottle with no problems. He would never take a bottle if I was around- he knew he could do better!

Trying different bottles and nipples is a good suggestion. Also trying different types of feeding- babies often take to cup feeding. Someone suggested a bunch of different alternatives.

I also know a baby who will just wait for mama and not take a sip of anything until she gets back.

No matter what the problem, though, there will be a solution.
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PLaytex Nursers are bottles that many breastfed babies accept. Is she going to come to your house and nurse baby when she has her with you? Or are you going to nurse her baby (just wondering how many things baby is going to be getting used to at once?)
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Thanks for all the suggestions mama's! Sorry I haven't responded, for some reason I wasn't getting emails! So, she is 10 weeks old now and will be 3 mos when my sis goes back to work. There are a couple of complications making it more necessary to get baby to take a bottle than might otherwise be the case:

My sis is a single mama and she will be recieving govt. assistance for daycare, meaning that when my niece isn't w/me she'll be in a pretty mainstream daycare (not exactly anticipating a whole lot of patience with the whole cup/spoon/syringe feeding, kwim?). My sis & I have already swapped babies and nursed so my niece is already used to this (although my 8 mos old was kind of confused by the whole thing )
Also, my sis works at a very large coffee chain and will just have enough time to break for pumping & eating, no long lunch break to run home/daycare, etc and nurse.

however, as of today my niece did take a whole 2 oz from a bottle with no fussing! So it looks like we're on the right path! We're going to try the playtex nursers and my sis ordered an Adiri breastbottle, too.

thanks for you help, ladies!
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My older one took Avent but my younger one only takes Playtex VentAire with the Natural Latch nipple (which is a PITA because it has so many different pieces - I never saw a bottle that comes in like 6 pieces!!!)
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My dd wouldn't bottlefeed either. It was very stressful. The adiri breastbottle nurser didn't work either. Finger feeding worked minimally, but not well enough to keep her from crying and going hungry while I was gone.

I love that you are able to nurse your neice. How cool!

Good luck.
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Just my 2cents

My DS refused a bottle but liked to take a sippy cup at 3 mo, he also really liked to use straws really early
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Dd would only use the nuby nipples...Ds hates them, he was taking the bottle, but I went out for a few hrs earlier tonight and he refused....went 4.5 hrs was hungry, but refused....usually nurses every 2-3hrs....Sooo I'm dreading my return to work....My sil MIGHT be able to bring him to me once a day but I'll be working 10 hrs 4 days a week.
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DS took forever to take a bottle. We started with playtex nursers and went through avent, gerber, preemies, etc. Finally, we went back to playtex and he took them. I think the flow was too fast for him at first.

Good luck!
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I've been working on an off with a bottle with DD since she was 4 weeks (she's 10 now)-- still not very good but she will suck when she's still a bit hungry, but not much and not for long. Otherwise I can just let it drip into her mouth and she swallows-- slow but I guess it gets the job done.

DH will be giving her bottles when I go back to work in 6 weeks, I have a feeling she'll be more responsive because I won't be around and there will be points where she's hungry/
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Sippy cup....I insisted that they warm the bmilk and they gave it to her. This was a main stream daycare. They grumbled a bit, but did it. Eventually, they commented that it was actually easier than the formula bit - "heat and serve"

I could never be within ear or eye shot for the bottle or cup EVER. If dh fed her, I had to be out of the house.
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same challenge

thank you to all the witty mama's out there!! I am having the same challenge. My babe is 13 weeks and I just told my boss that I can't go back to work until she takes a bottle...she took it fine from 4 weeks till about 8 weeks...but hasn't taken it since. we tried every day for weeks but our lactation guru told us not to try every day. She told us to try it 2-3 days before I go back to work but told us that if she's still on bottle strike to use a cup. She told us to start in the bath tub with fresh water (tiny amounts) for practice.... We haven't tried yet but it's been stressing me out. We have tried every nipple on the market I think. A friend watched my babe while I talked to my boss and ended up being her wet-nurse.
Good luck, I will let you know if cup feeding is successful.
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refusing the bottle

When my boy was younger, he initially refused any bottle - we kept changing the nipples until he found one that he liked - nuk. So I think the shape/softness of the nipple that you're using could make a difference! Good luck!
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The only thing that worked for my son was the syringe. My sitter put him on the floor and took the syringe from the Ibuprofen and squirted it in his mouth. Now he will take the syringe in the chair or milk in a cup.
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