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Medela PIS OR Ameda Purely Yours?

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I know how popular the Medela PIS breast pump is but has anyone tried the Ameda Purely Yours breastpump (backpack or carry all). I'm trying to decide which one to get and the Ameda is about $30 cheaper. I've been using a rented Medela Classic to get my milk supply up and my supply is fine now. Has anyone had any problems with Ameda?
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I useda rental medela lactina and then switched to the Purely Yours with no problems. I liked it better because it was cheaper, had 6 bottles instead of 4, and could run on AA batteries if necessary. I got mine 2 years ago on ebay brand new for about $130. I never used the pump in style, so I can't comment on that.

I also got an Avent hand pump as back up or for quick pumping sessions that I didn't want to pull out the big pump while at home. It worked as well, if not better-just couldn't pump both sides at the same time.
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I have a Medela PIS and I love it. I pump about 5 times a day. I have the traveler and love the back pack (since I already cary 3 other shoulder bags) But, I have never used the Ameda. My cousin has and likes it, though So, I'm sure it is good to.

My PIS came with a hand pump and a battery pack too.

The lactation consultant I worked with thought that the PIS was a bit sturdier and more powerful...but I never compared the specs.

I'm sure someone here has an Ameda and will be able to give you a better assessment. Good luck!

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I bought my Purely Yours pump in 1999 when my older son was born. I pumped 3x a week, twice a day for a year. My pump held up beautifully! I always got between 2-4 oz out of each breast everytime I pumped. My pump is still working great and I plan to use it when I go back to work in April. I hope it lasts for another year!

Stephanie. mom to two lovely boys
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I have used both and I have to say the Purely Yours is much more comfortable for me. The PIS would hurt me if I turned it up too high or left it on too long but the Purely Yours never hurts and I did turn it all the way up to check. So comfy! and I still get about 7-8 oz in 5-10 min double pumping. Love it! BTW I got mine off ebay for $110 and that included shipping!
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