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Just the thought of cooking makes me sick! So our diet lately has been whatever I can "cook" without having to think too much, or whatever I can grab at a drive thru window (totally not me!). I usually love to cook so I am really feeling guilty about all the Chick-fil-A we have been eating lately.

My biggest craving by far has been Mexican food. I want it all the time! The other day for lunch I was craving nachos, loaded with cheese, guacamole, sour cream, beans, chicken, salsa, hot sauce, everything! So off I went to my favorite burrito stand (Baja Burrito for those of you in or near Raleigh, NC). I made myself sick eating it, it was so good!

I haven't been to KFC in forever, but I had fried chicken twice last week. I'm thinking about it right now..... Some mashed potatoes sure would be good!
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Originally Posted by JesiLynne
There is about a 1/2 glass of Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot that has been screaming my name for DAYSSSSSSSSSSS

It's evil I tell you, evil.

I want it so bad, I love that wine, and I am craving the taste, but I am being strong.
That is just too funny--a Girlfriend of mine craved Arbor Mist when she was pg too! The best part about it was that her hubby was a total wine snob and all they normally drink is pricey reds. Her obsession with Arbor Mist got so bad that she would keep a bottle in the fridge and chug a mouthfull directly out of the bottle, swish it around and spit it into the sink. By the time she was further along and thought it was okay to have 1/2 a glass now and again the craving had passed. But by that time we had all heard so much about the Arbor Mist that EVERYONE brought her bottles of it after she gave birth! There were at least 5 bottles sitting on her hospital table when I visited her 48hrs after delivery!
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I usually always cook what we eat from scratch but this m/s is just getting to me so bad...

So our freezer is currently stocked up with every imaginable convienence food you could think of. My favorite right now is Stoufer's Mac + Cheese. It is so creamy and doesn't make me nauseous!
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How the mighty have fallen...

I love this thread.

We eat a salad every night. A huge green salad. Now, Just hubby does. It makes me ill to think of eating it. Sigh.

We rarely eat meat. Like 2X a month. This week alone I've had meatloaf, hamburgers, deli meat, eggs for breakfast (5/7 days), fish, peanut butter, more peanut butter and I am eyeing bar-b-ques, 'cus I want steaks...lots of steaks.... Nothing else fills me. I am always wanting more food and nothing feels right. It's driving me bonkers.

Oh yeah, anything cooked with oil makes me slightly upset to my stomach - for all foods!!!

And we love stirfries.

This too shall pass. SOON!!!!!
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let me just say.. today this is what I ate:

no breakfast...
lunch: a big fat Rueben and a side of coleslaw with a Big Glass of Ice Tea.
and 2 black and white cookies.

a 64 oz big gulp of Gatorade!! ( we spent the entire day car shopping ..it was hell)
a snack pack of teddy grahams ( split w/ 4 yo)

Dinner: 1 breast of chicken original recipe from KFC and a side of Mac/Chs and Mash Pot w/gravy. (also split w/4 yo) and another big glass of Ice T.

I know I should be ashamed... but for some reason I don't care.

We really need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.. we have like nothing in this house. but we got a new car!!! after 8 hours of searching...*sigh*

* I am seriously craving a snickers bar.. but I am too tired to persue it.
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Originally Posted by mom2wed

My biggest craving by far has been Mexican food. I want it all the time! The other day for lunch I was craving nachos, loaded with cheese, guacamole, sour cream, beans, chicken, salsa, hot sauce, everything! So off I went to my favorite burrito stand (Baja Burrito for those of you in or near Raleigh, NC). I made myself sick eating it, it was so good!
Hey! Thanks for the heads-up about Baja Burrito! We might go to Raleigh later in the week to visit the museum of natural history. We have only lived in NC about 3 years, so we don't know all the good places. Plus, we rarely eat out, which is another reason this thread is so hilarious.

We have gotten some form of takeout like EVERY day in the past two weeks. For lunch, DH had one piece of chicken and a huge plate of salad. I ate NO SALAD and FOUR pieces of chicken.
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This thread is the best! I am laughing out loud at all of our seriously crazy cravings!

Okay, last night at midnight I made DH go to Taco Bell (aka Taco Hell) to get me a bean burrito! It was the best! It has been at least 4 years since I have eaten there. He thought I was joking when I first asked. BTW, I never had these crazy cravings with my first pregnancy, nor did I make hubby go anywhere for food at midnight.

Hey, velveeta, Baja Burrito is not too far out of your way if you will be visiting downtown. It's right off of Western Blvd. Enjoy! I might even see you there!
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Originally Posted by pbreffe
My favorite right now is Stoufer's Mac + Cheese. It is so creamy and doesn't make me nauseous!
We have been eating this for dinner at least once a week! :
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Ahh, on the guilt side... McDonald's McNuggets in their weird BBQ sauce. I usually don't care for the things, I'd prefer actual chicken - but now actual chicken makes me nauseous, and all I want are those McNugget things! And cheeseburgers - from anywhere. Cheeseburgers alwaaaays sound good now. And vanilla ensure or slimfast. Not as food replacement, but supplementally - omg I think those things are gross normally! And oh dear, those ramen noodle and taco bell suggestions have got me going now. One of those is probably going to be dinner. <hangs head> And for my daughter? Because I'm on a cooking strike? I got her those awful Kid Cuisine meals because they had Danny Phantom on them, who she loves. So she saw them and thanks me, and hugs me, and thanks me - elated. Way to rub that mother guilt in, lol.

On the just odd side - vinegar anything. Cucumbers in vinegar, salt and vinegar chips, salad with a vinegar dressing. Dairy - I don't generally consume dairy. Don't really care for cheese, milk gives me stomach cramps, but there's gotta be cheese on the burgers, and I've got a vanilla flavored dairy thing going on. Vanilla nesquik in milk if nothing else, heh. Eggsalad has been a big one. I've made it everyday for the past 4 days! I never eat egg salad - I Hate mayonnaise. Last pregnancy my cravings were lobster and scallops. This time around I want McNuggets, salad with vinegar and eggsalad sandwiches. My sister told me she prefered to eat with me last time around
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Maybe my problem is that I haven't brought much yummy junk food home. I only have healthy food in the house. I get starving, look in the cupboards, try a banana or some crackers (cooking just turns me off from eating) and then start the whole process over.

Taco Bell? Doritos? I had a tuna sandwich the other day that just hit the spot, black tea to settle my stomache and Dorito snack mix to fill me up.

And this from miso soup, brown rice, and vegetable girl!

Of course, I have little excuse, my husband has been great about cooking the most healthy veggie meals. Well, time to show him what I'm capable of.
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I'm glad I'm not the only KFC junkie. Normally I HATE their greasy oversalted chicken and wouldn't eat or buy it if you put a gun to my head, but for some reason it is very appealing right now.

Coke also settles my stomach, but I'm trying really hard to stay away from it.

I'm just now starting to feel a bit of ms, and it's not so much queasiness as it is constantly shifting cravings/aversions. I'm like the world's pickiest 3-year-old -- something sounds DELICIOUS and I have to have it NOW, then I have about half of it and suddenly it's the most disgusting thing and I have to get something else, and so on.

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Good Thread!!!

I never eat fast food but since I have been prego...Burger King Chicken Sandwhich (the original one) with yes... a coke to drink....terrible huh. I dont drink it all . I could eat one a day but am refraining.

I am also craving Southern Food....I keep imagining my Great Grandmothers Sunday meals she used to cook ...thats what I want.

I loved KFC before I got pregnant. That was one of the only fast food things I liked. I dont know....wierd huh.

I am off to eat left over pizza.
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Last night we wen to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate Father's Day. If you've ever been there, then you know their menu is like 40 pages long filled with delicious food of all varieties. So, what do I order? The first thing on the menu: Roadside Sliders with lots of pickles, ketchup and grilled onions. I saw it at the top of the first page, closed the menu and said "Okay, I'm ready to order." They were soooo good.
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Oh I hate cooking right now, and I hate dishes...so yeah, not eating well. This morning I ate a Hot Pocket chicken pot pie thing. Our freezer is stuffed with convenience food. My last pregnancy I craved Mexican food like crazy...this time I want Thai food, red curry, all the time.

We usually eat lots of salads too, and the thought of baby greens makes my stomach turn. Pancakes sound good though....
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I'm vegetarian - have been for 10 years..... until a few weeks ago. I've had the worst nausea/food aversions the past month or so.

Terrible things I've eaten:
1. A big mac. It was so good I thought about getting a second until I read the nutrition information on the package.
2. A cheese burger at SeaWorld, with cheese, lots of ketchup, and mayo
3. An Arby's Beef and Cheddar. Scrumptious.
4. Toaster Sandwiches things from Sonic.
5. Loads of french fries.

Your posts are giving me very bad ideas. I wish I didn't live so far from Taco Bell!

Things I can't eat:
1. Vegetables
2. Tomatoes (gag!)
3. Anything low fat or healthy.
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morning sickness has been a bitch....so far i have craved chinese food...specifically chicken lo-mein without the veggies (just noodles and chicken)....at least i am good and go to a place that dosnt use MSG....it's bad for my IC so i stay away from it as much as possible...

also i have been eating pound cake like it's my job....it's the only thing that calms my tummy in the morning....price chopper has the BEST pound cake and this week it's BOGO....my mom brough me 2 loafs of it!! THANKS MOM!!!
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First post! You all are great, and make me feel so much better. I can't cook - feel so sick all of the time. We belong to a CSA and each week all of the lovely greens make me want to vomit. Today I ate an entire can of pringles (shared it with 2 year old). But the good news was we bought a flat of fresh strawberries, and they appealed to me so I ate an entire pint.

Here is my other guilty confession - I've speant the last 3 nights watching horrible TV on Fox all evening long rather than doing any of the things I actually need to do. I can't tell if I'm exhausted because I'm depressed, or depressed because I'm exhausted.:
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