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afraid i might be leaving, update in post #1.

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well, mamas, i think my time here may be done. after a few bouts of spotting and cramping and a total loss of ALL symptoms, i think my pregnancy might be over. i'm not sure but something tells me this one didn't stick. i haven't been to a doctor yet. i was in the midst of getting set up with midwives in the area but they really can't do much for me as they don't have ultrasound and send patients to the hospital for bloodwork.

as strange as it is for someone who wanted so badly to have an unassisted pregnancy and birth, i think if i HAVE miscarried, i want a d&c. i had one with my first loss after waiting weeks and weeks for it to happen naturally. eventually i developed a nasty infection and complications so i'd rather get this over with quickly.

i'll update as soon asi know for sure. of course, this might be a while because i don't have a regular OB to see anymore since i fired mine in february of this year.

does anyone know if i have any other options? would urgent care or the emergency room be a bad idea? i'm only spotting minimally now, i fear they'll just tell me to go home and follow up with an OB. would i be better off finding a new OB just to confirm or deny my pregnancy? so confusing!

update: well, i still haven't seen a doctor yet (just my luck, our car broke down!) but i'm not spotting or cramping anymore. also, my boobs seem to weigh about 500 pounds each again which is a strange but relieving feeling. i still don't feel pregnant but i'm starting to think back and i really didn't feel too pregnant at eight weeks along with my first OR second pregnancy either. perhaps i'm just being paranoid? i'll update again when i know more. thanks for all the support, everyone!
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Oh mama... I am proof you can have spotting and cramps and be okay. I would go to the Er and demand to be seen and an u/s. I know waiting for these things suck first hand. Its so stress ful.
I pray all is well with your baby.
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darn puter (double post)
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Opps double post...
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Oh, I"m so sorry If it were me, I would go to the ER...
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I'd probably head to the ER too. They have all the equipment to give you definite answers. mama.
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I'm very sorry. I would head to the ER as well. And whether or not you have a d&c is a very personal decision you need to do what is best for you. But I would definitely get checked out.
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You can go to the ER and tell them you are still in the process of looking for a provider .. I can't imagine they would turn you away.. I hope all turns out well for you,

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I probably wouldnt go to the ER, but call a provider and explain the situation. If there is a CNM affiliated with a hospital in your area, that might be an option? I worked with my CNMs for my mc in November 05. I really felt that my pregnancy wasnt viable from very early on. My gut just told be something was wrong and unfortuantly, it was. Ive been fighting that feeling alot this time, but for me, I think it is fear talking. I hope things turn out OK.
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I will be praying for you
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I hope everything turns out okay.
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Hey Mama Bee,
I was just thinking of you and wondering how you are feeling today??
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Thinking of you.
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Yeah, mambee! How did everything work out? I'm still thinking of you.
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thanks everyone! things are a bit better today. no more spotting or cramping! keeping my fingers crossed.
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Good to hear! We are all thinking of you!
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Sorry for your troubles.

I had so much spotting and cramping between 6-9 weeks that I was *SURE* I had miscarried. When I went in for a repeat u/s I was shocked to see a heartbeat. Say what you want about u/s. I think they are worth their weight in gold.
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Glad to hear it, and fingers firmly crossed for you!! :
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