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Bruised Nipples this late in the game??

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Parker is almost 17 months and still nurses on demand about 10 times a day plus at night. He also is getting the last of his first molars and is working on his eyeteeth. And my nipples are bruised. I don't know how. Maybe he's nursing harder than normal? Is his latch changing because of the teeth? I've had to limit his nursing (much to both of our chagrin ... crying is so sad) the last several days because it just hurt soooo dang much!!

Has this happened to any of you? What did you do about it? Is it a grin-and-bear-it thing or a relatch issue?
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I blame the teeth

I feel your pain! This has happened to me several times in the last 8 months (DD is currently 19 months old). She had to re-adjust her latch with the 1-year molars and each of the canines. It seems like the new teeth not only hurt as they come in, but also change the internal shape of the mouth, and she has to learn to nurse around them. During the adjustment period her jaw seems to be angled awkwardly, and she doesn't have her usual finesse, so I get bruised and bitten. It takes a week or so for her to get used to the new "equipment," and then she stops hurting me.

It helps me to think of it as a natural awkwardness, like someone driving a car they're not familiar with or learning to drive stick or something! I just try to have compassion for her... and especially to repeat over and over that she's not hurting me on purpose!
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Well, luckily, we're over that hurdle and are back to nursing normally (yeay!!). We are still focusing on making sure all is right before starting and I'm much more vigilant about his latch. The only downside to that is no more nighttime sleeping through his nursing ... I wake right up and double check everything to make sure all is well !!
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I got 2 milk blisters in 2 weeks on my left nipple (the snuggle nini) and Kayla is 18 months old. Turns out that as she was falling asleep, she was sucking on just my nipple not the areola....

We are much more careful and not so much on the job.
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