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For pete's sake!

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I'm here typing while Titus is in his crib- awake and jabbering away at his... I don't know, there's nothing in there with him. He woke up at 5:30 this morning after going to bet at 10 last night... didn't feel the need to nap until 11 and then it was barely an hour. Now, after fighting me to go to sleep for a good half hour, he's spry and alert and probably in no way going to take a nap. I'm exhausted! I am really just here to organize myself into some semblance of inteligent being rather than just lie on the floor in his room and whimper. *sigh* he's maybe starting to cry, I guess that means another round of picking up, rocking and trying to set him down so I can have a shower. Maybe I'll just sling him and go work in the yard and drench myself with the hose. It's only a little bit above 100, so it won't be bad, right? :
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Ahh, poor guy Poor mama.

Teething? Ear infection?

Good luck getting some rest for the both of you.
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so sorry to hear that. i find when i try to get E to bed b/c he's tired that he resists it even more.
slinging him is a good idea. im sure he would prob. fall straight to sleep like that!
hope he took a nap for you. E is being cranky right now b/c dh is not very good at comforting him so im in for a round of rocking, nursing, etc. etc. for the next 2 hours in a few minutes.
the joys of motherhood...well, it is..but still, sometimes you need a break. hope you get one soon.
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Well, he's doing it again. He had another half hour nap and is awake, happily squealing. He woke up rooting, so i offered him the breast despite having eaten 45 minutes before. He fell asleep right away and just half-nursed... for like another half hour, but would wake up every time I moved. I still haven't made dinner!

It took a full two hours in the sling for him to get sleepy again. He is teething, but he's not grumpy, just awake! Someone's been slipping this kid NoDoz!
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so sorry Sarah. i had a rough night with E but nothing like the day you had.
ive started swaddling him and its really helped him alot. its actually gotten me 3-4 hours in his p&p at night (OMG dont tell the FB police but my back is really killing me lately). last night i guess i didnt do a good job b/c he was flailing and nursing all night long. now my back hurts like h*ll and shoulders and neck feel like they wont support my head! but i must be on MDC for my daily fix before we leave!!
hope your dh can allow you to get some rest today.
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I am so there with you!

Lately my daughter hasn't felt the need to sleep longer than two seconds for her daytime naps. I try everything. I lie down next to her and BF her, singing gently, stroking her head, and suddenly her eyes are wide open and she grinns up at me, my nipple stretched out like a rubberband. Yeah, right! You are not going to sleep you little monkey! I say. What a fool I am! So then we get up and play. I hit a wall last week, and my husband had to come home early because I was bawling my eyes out over not being able to staple two pieces of paper together because I kept getting interrupted. I came finally to the realization that I can't have a To Do list. It only makes me feel incompetent, disorganized and like my life is somehow meaningless. I changed the name to my "Maybe I will do it" list. That seemed to help!
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I must say that since titus' tooth finally came through he's been a whoooooole new babe. So happy!
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I am so happy to hear it. Those little teeth sure do reek havoc coming in. Have you tried any teething remedies? They work wonders even if you ds isn't in pain but just seems unsettled. Try chamomilla or even Hyland's teething tablets or Boiron Camilia. You can get them at your HFS.
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