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Real food

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I'm groovy on whole foods, real foods - anyone with me?

Love olive oil, butter, ice cream (occasional treat), meat, fish, beans, nice dinners. Really grooving on making healthy cookies.

Heck, a baked potato and a little butter and salt and I'm happy eating dinner. DH made some terrific chick peas with tomato served with fresh Indian bread YUM.

Anyone else grooving on good meals? Vegetarians, vegans, raw foodists, join in too! I KNOW you know good foods, veggie meals, etc. Keep it whole foods - I'm diggin eatin and bein alive KWIM?
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Yes. Most pre-prepared foods that one can purchase at a store or elsewhere to eat at home are not worth the trouble it takes to chew them, and certainly ought not to be allowed down one's gullet or the gullets of those one loves.
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