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Almost 12mo--is it time to start solids now?

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I've held off giving my ds solids until he turns 1 (which will be in 4 weeks) because of reactions to the few things that I HAVE given him--but what next? Do I start the routine of giving one food at a time for 3 days and then introducing the next? Do I try to work up to replacing a breastfeeding with solids?

I need a plan!
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my ds started eating solids pretty late cuz his gag reflex was just way too strong. what kind of reaction do you mean your baby had? what kinds of foods did you try? anyway, i would definatly just do the same thing they say to do earlier, which is to start with rice ceral and/or bananas all mushed up and slowly work your way up to other things. since it sounds like your ds hasnt had practice mashing things with his gums, i think you should not give him anything he has to chew himself. i would start with real mushy stuff. what i have read, you are supposed to wait at least 5 days between new foods, but i also heard a week, so since your ds had reactions , you might want to start really really slowly.

do rice cereal (or very overcooked mushed, pureed rice) once or twice a day for several days, and add banana at some point, etc. then yams are a good one, and other grains, like oatmeal. your ds will probalby learn pretty quickly how to mash wth his gums since he is old enough to do it, but i guess i would be most concerned about that personally.

as soon as you see him mushing stuff around in his mouth, you can give lumpier soft foods like tiny diced up banana peices, or tiny diced up ripe pear, etc. applesuace too. i like to make oatmeal thick enough fr ds to pick up himself, i just blop it onto his tray in nickle sized drops. but if yours hasnt hadf any food whatsoever, he might no like thick stuff right away, in which case treat it like he is an infant, and do really watery food and slowly make it thicker.

if you mean by "solids" that you have done all the mushy stuff any are ready to try chewy stuff, puffed rice is a good starter to firmer foods. but it sounded to me like you hadent introduced food really at all....hope this helps
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oh, p.s you asked if you should replace a feeding. i dont think you really technically do that, althought i am sure eventually breastfeeding will decrease, but not for a while. my ds still nurses pretty often, like every 2 hours and he eats 3 small meals a day plus little snacks (he is 13 mos). the best time to introduce foods is a little while after a breastfeeding, like a half hour or so, cuz he will be calm and content, but maybe hungry enough to try some food. you will get into a new routine with your ds as far as when to breastfeed and when to give food...alot of times i nurse and then ds is still hungry so i give food, or sometimes he asks for food and then is thirsty afterward so i nurse him. i also give him water in a sippy cup, but he prefers to nurse usually. its weird but i can tell when he wants food just like i know when he wants to nurse. its a learning process but after a while it comes more automatically like nursing.
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