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No. Circ is fairly rare here and I always thought it was unnecessary.
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No - I had already decided. My husband was on the fence all the way up to delivery (I hadn't signed the consent when I registered at the hospital ). Anyhow, after witnessing my 30+ hours of labor and c/s he said "enough cutting" and DS was not circ'ed. After reading more on this board I've told him how glad I am that we stuck with no circ. We are the only non-circ'd people we know and I feel so sad when I see those other little boys.
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My ds was born before I joined here. I was a member of a mainstream parenting site that had a circ debate board. Most of the info there convinced me to keep ds intact, that and the few circs I witnessed. Just watching the babies in pain, I knew it was wrong.
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I never thought about not circumcising until I met my husband. He is VERY ANTI-Circumsion and it was such a big deal to him that I did my research and found out why. I honestly don't understand how people can still do it for no medical reason this day in age...why would anyone want to put their child through an unnessary procedure is beyond me.
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nope, we are from Chile where circumcision is unheard of. Our dd was born in Chile, 5 years ago and if she would have been a boy (we actually thought she was a boy until almost the very end) she would have been intact simply because its not done, it's not offered, not even thought of for newborn boys (or adult men for that matter).

Also, dh is intact so, we're a circ-free family
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Nope. I already knew I wasn't going to do it. I was looking for anti-circ resources to convince DH and I found MDC. I don't think I convinced him by the time I had DS, but it didn't matter. It's not like I was actually going to let him talk me into it anyways. He's convinced now. I don't think he can actually stand the thought of hurting our son now.
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I had always been leery of circ. I just didn't see how something like that could be a good thing. I mean cutting on someones privates I told dh when we were pg the first time that I didn't want to circ if it was a boy. He was not happy about it but he let me decide. We had dd then I got pg again and we talked about it some more he still wasnt convinced but he let me make the decision. By the time ds came I was 100% sure I wouldn't circ. but I hadn't found MDC yet. I did have a few doubt because of all the scary stories I was hearing. When ds was a month old I asked a ? about intact care on the forum at FF and a woman sent me here. If I could I would track her down and give her a big ol' because she not only saved my son from being hurt by his ped. with forced retraction, she made it possible for me to put all my doubts and fears to rest.
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No, not MDC...I actually started out on the I.V. Debate Board, then found B.C., and eventually migrated here. I credit the I.V. Debate Board for my initial 'conversion'. I was never pro-circ, just totally ignorant. I often say that the only difference between me and most circing parents is that I was fortunate/lucky enough to happen across the truth about it long before I conceived.

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Yep...ds might've been circ'd if I hadn't stumbled upon this forum. Scary thought, but I was of the thinking, "It must be beneficial and not hurt the baby otherwise the doctors wouldn't do it, right?" Yikes. I'm so glad I found MDC in time! Now I'm a huge intactivist!
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Every time I look at my son, I thiank God for this board.

When we were TTC DS, we were pro circ, me especially, because of my own issues. A friend from elsewhere pointed me to this board. The previous board I'd posted at had a hard time advising me.

I was abused by a man who happened to be intact, and I wanted to circ my son for that reason, it was Frank at these boards who had the courage to say that my son deserved a whole penis despite what I was going through. I have no doubt that without Frank and MDC, I would have had DS circ'd.
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Yes, absolutely. I only wish I had discovered MDC before DS was born.
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This board has steeled my resolve, but I've known better since I was 18 and saw the FIRST intact penis of my long diaper-changing history. That same year my mom left my baby brothers whole and hired me as their nanny.

This board's major impact has been to make me really want DH to restore .
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would you believe it was the debate board at babycenter that convinced me?! (didnt know about mothering.com yet) i think i can say that since im not talking about specifics, but in any case, i love this forum because i feel like im "with" likeminded people who understand my desire for intactivism etc.
Kira actually directed me to mothering.com in general. shes a hero!
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I was on the fence and Dh was very against circing. He had pretty much convinced me, but reading the posts here has pushed me firmly on the no-circ side. We will definitely NOT be circing our son if we have one. I'm very grateful for MDC!
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I happened upon a mainstream debate board when I was pg for the third time and what I read shocked me. I then saw a photograph (black and white) of a little boy undergoing a circumcision. His mouth was wide open and screaming. That was it for me. That's when I became an intactivist and swore that my son (I was pg. with him at the time) would never have to undergo an unnecessary surgery, let alone a few days after he was born. I came to find out that my entire male side of the family (with the exception of my nephew) is intact. Further to that, I read of the experiences of men such as Bm31, among a few others, and I was firmly an intactivist.

A few of the very kind people I "met" on that db pointed me in the direction of MDC, and I'm very glad to be here.
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No - my dh is British, and circ was never on the agenda. I 'found' MDC when dd2 was a baby (and before ds was born), and I used to occasionally wander into this forum, but not very often, and I had never really thought about circ one way or the other (dh is intact, obviously, and he's the only one I've ever been with, so...).

But once ds was born and I realised that, in the States, they try to get you to hand over your newborn baby son to cut part of his penis off, I was just horrified, and I've been vehemently anti-circ ever since.

I'm just grateful that, although I'm American, I was lucky enough to marry intact dh, so I was saved from ever circing a son, thinking it was the right thing to do simply because every one I knew was doing it.
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Well, I don't have a boy, but no, even if I had never found MDC I wouldn't circ a boy if I had one. This is because my mom (who is very mainstream) was in nursing school when I was a teenager. She did a rotation where she had to watch circ's being done. After the first one she watched, she came home upset and when I asked her what was wrong she told me that she watched a circ today and if she knew before how barbaric they were she would never have had my brother done. But, MDC has taught me alot and has armed me with alot of info about circ that I didn't know before. For example, I had no idea that the foreskin had a function. I had no idea that circ could cause complications. Before I just thought that it was simply painful and unneccessary. Now I know that it is much more than that.
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Dh and I agreed to not circ any children 9 years ago. It just seemed wrong to us. My younger brother is intact so I knew there wasn't a reason to circ.

I became vehemently opposed after seeing a friends son's newly circumcised penis. I found MDC 2-3 years later.
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No, I'm from Italy and intact is normal there. But dh is American and born in the 70's...guess his penis status! So it did come up, but I pretty much said 'no way' and that was that.
MDC made me an intactivist though. Before I just thought circ'ing was just another tradition or 'thing you do' in the US. Yowsa.
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babycenter debate board
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