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share early pregnancy symptoms

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Hi everyone. I am 5 dpo and I have felt pregnant since the day after ovulation. I have a very calm feeling inside, my nipples are sore, and I keep getting a nervous feeling in my stomach. I was wondering if you could share with me if you knew this soon, and what symptoms/signs you had. Thank you!
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I just got a BFP yesterday, by the end of last week I could smell everything. Like, I could smell dry cat food from across the room, and I nearly vomited at the smell of just-thawed chicken.

But, pg or no, I'm always prone to nausea.
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Before I got a pos test, I thought I looked very pale for some reason. A friend of mine said she knew I was pg with DS before I told her, and thought I looked the same this time, even when my first test was neg! I was a little suspicious when my usual morning coffee did not sit well. That happened both times, before I tested positive!
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I kept burping. Not ground rumbling belches, just little burps that would come out of nowhere. I also had a craving for ginger ale - something I hardly ever drank.
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My gums would bleed when I brushed my teeth, and I had a lot of nosebleeds all of a sudden. Apparently your mucus membranes can get sensitive during pg. This was all before I noticed nausea or a missed period.
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One of the first things I noticed during my pregnancies was that my eyes were constantly dialated.
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I had sore breasts, but that is also an AF symptom for me. I also had AF-like cramping a few days before AF was due (and I am very regular, so that never happens). I actually ran to the bathroom thinking that my period was starting, but nothing. Around the time my period was due, I started having moments of dizziness and nausea. The other thing that I noticed way early -- probably close to 7 DPO, was that my ability to exercise changed. I was used to heart rate training, and would stay in the 160-180 range, but my body almost wouldn't let me go above 150. I knew pg was a possibility, so I didn't push it, and would keep my HR lower. Also before I tested (2 days past missed AF), I would periodically have a pain in my left lower abdomen (implantation?). This continued off and on till about 5w, and came up again at around 12w.
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On Implantation Day I get really, really nauseous and often throw up. Fortunately, that's the only bout of morning sickness I get!
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One of the first things I noticed was a bad (different than normal) taste in my mouth in the morning, then of course the morning sickness came about a month later.
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both times my first symptom was diarrhea.
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My first symptom is being able to see my veins... especially the ones in my chest....
And besides a bit of Fatigue (that could be just normal parenting fatigue) I had no other symptoms...
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My one and only symptom before I missed my period was constipation - an issue I've never had a problem with in the past - should have been a big red flag - otherwise nothing. Just felt like my period was going to start anytime!
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What about weird dreams!? I had a bunch of weird dreams about having a baby before getting my positive test.
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Extreme Hunger very quickly.
I was outeating anyone at the table (very unusual)
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Bad heartburn that woke me up in the middle of the night (weird in early pregnancy I know) and AF-like cramps, but extremely mild ones. Also, I felt a lot of little twinges, implantation maybe?
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Hopefully this is not a bad sign . . .I am worried about it . . .but I seriously feel Braxton Hicks contractions, esp. when DD nurses. It seems so crazy considering that I am just 11 DPO (but tested BFP at 10 DPO).
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Originally Posted by Mizelenius
Hopefully this is not a bad sign . . .I am worried about it . . .but I seriously feel Braxton Hicks contractions, esp. when DD nurses. It seems so crazy considering that I am just 11 DPO (but tested BFP at 10 DPO).
I've been having that same sensation since the get go with this pregnancy. I'm 8w2d, just had an ultrasound last week, and everything's fine here. I think it's just the uterus expanding, and the muscles responding.
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Extreme hunger was my biggest indicator both times! DH knew I was pregnant the second time about 2 weeks before I was willing to test and admit it. He made me go get a test.

The first time, my breasts were very sore, as well, but not at all the second time.

And for me, my stomach goes haywire, like constipated one day, diarrhea the next, mostly due to milk issues. That is a red flag for me, before a positive test even.
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How interesting that we all have such different first symptoms!

My first symptom of pregnancy is that my waist expands *immediately* (like within 5-10dpo), so all of my pants are tight. This has happened with both pregnancies. With my first, my parents came over for lunch, and I was wearing sweatpants instead of jeans. I was 9dpo. My mom told my dad on the way home that she thought I was pregnant and that "the waist is the first thing to go!". She was right! I didn't test until a few days later. That preg, I was in maternity pants (after outgrowing the rubberband trick) by 8 weeks. This preg, I was in maternity pants by 5 weeks. I'm sure if there's a third, I'll be in maternity like 5 minutes after conception takes place.

The other symptom I get fairly early is slight nausea. I usually get it around 7-8dpo. I can eat normally and such, but I just feel a tad bit of nausea. Of course, that symptom comes when I have sinus drainage too, so the expanding waistline is the better indicator of pregnancy for me.
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thrush... both time i got pregnant, i had thrush about 2 or 3 days after conception
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