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I'm catching pees, but not poos. Any ideas?

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I've caught some of dd's poos, but only if she needs to pee AND poop. That is, she's already sitting on the potty to pee and then poops.

She's mostly breastfed, and can go a couple of days between poops, so I have never been able to figure out a pattern for that. Even now, with her having a small amount of fruits and vegetables (although not on a daily basis yet), there seems to be no pattern.

I kept a log for 3 weeks when we got serious into EC, so like I said, I can't figure it out.

I make the same cueing noise whether she pees or poops. Do I need to just be *really* attentive? (Like everyone else, I miss cues if I'm distracted). Or should I make a different cueing noise or what?

All suggestions welcome!!

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No help, just sympathy - we seem to be in the same boat. There is no rhyme or reason to Mieke's poos, - never even the same time of day - and she can go three or four days inbetween. I'm just under the assumption that eventually, when dd's more into solids, things will get a bit more, well, regular:
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We grunt when Nolan poops (he usually does, too). So when we set him on his potty, we usually grunt a few times. If he has to go, he'll start grunting with us and then poop. Of course, the last couple of days, he pees, we wait, no poop. Put on his diaper and then he poops.:

When he pees, we make a 'sss sss' sound, but we only know he's peeing when he's on his potty, so there's no cue for that one. I do 'sss sss' as soon as I put him on the potty, but he almost always pees when we see if he has to go. So then we start grunting.

When I took him to potty at Home Depot the other day, I was holding him over the toilet and grunting, trying to get him to poop (he had already pee'd). It took me a few minutes to remember that I wasn't at home and there were others around!
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We are having the opposite problem. Catching 95% of poops, missing lots of pees....

We also grunt & ssss when he sits. Sometimes you can see him try and pee, even when he doesn't really have too (bless his heart!). But today, he didn't do anything, then stood up from his Bjorn and peed straight out... grrr.

He is 10 1/2mths and getting molars. I'm wondering if there is some connection. Who knows!? We just keep trying.

People comment to us all the time on what a great relationship we seem to have with our ds. I credited ECing with allowing us a deeper degree of bonding. That and the fact we are blessed with a beautiful angel.
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Me too ( to the last post) I'm catching more poos than pees. Her poos are not regular, but she squirms more for them. The pees don't seam to have much of a cue at all. I just catch know when she is likely to need to - like check every 15-20 mins if we are home and it's easy, or when she wakes up, after a nurse, etc...
But since birth, she's only poo'd in the diaper maybe twice. Well, sometimes she just starts, and then holds it when I start walking her to the bathroom, finishing in the toilet.

I gotta get me one of those potties. Mind you, she can't even sit up yet...
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Much obliged for the sympathetic and helpful responses.

I guess it's just a matter of learning the cues, the mama AND the babe.

We do a lot better than when we first started. I have to keep reminding myself how far we have come!

Mamarosa, I highly recommend the Baby Bjorn potty. Even though she can't sit up yet, it is much easier to hold them over their own potty than the big one.

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I second the Baby Bjorn Little Potty: Nolan is only three-and-a-half months and we use it (well, he does actually ) constantly.

Here are some pics of him:
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We catch mostly poos, pees are much harder. That said, dd hasn't pooed in a few days (see post on diapering board).
Poos have been easy b/c she always pooed in mid morning, and she seems to wait until she's on the potty to go. I swear... There's not a lot of communication going on. Mostly my intuition and guessing, but last week, she often pooped and peed as soon as I put her on the potty. I make sssss noises when she pees, and "thbbbbbttt" noises for pooing.
(Hope you got the idea!)
When we first started ec two weeks, ago, we started catching just pees, but then poos came.
But it helped that I had a vague idea of when she might go.
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