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Veg low carb dish for potluck

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I will be attending a pot luck in a couple of weeks and was hoping to find a dish that would meet the various needs of those attending. Many are on Atkin/low carb and a few are Veg (eat eggs and dairy). It would have to be somethign to feed a crowd (20 or so) and somethign that "keeps" well. Any ideas?
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Why not a crustless quiche? baked in a casserole pan?
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someone's already bringing a quiche type casserole, but thanks for the suggestion.
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Maybe a taboulleh-type salad made with quinoa?
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LOL ... all the good ideas are taken. The host is making taboulleh. I thought of soup but wanted something easier to eat off paper plates while standing. Maybe use the idea but make it a chunky stew with little liquid.
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No beans? I have a great recipe for a veggie lasagna, no noodles, but it uses beans instead. Let me know if you want the recipe. It's super yummy and nutritious!
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I'd love the recipe. I don't believe most beans (if any) are on low carb diets, but it looks like trying to meet all needs might be impossible. I'm thinking of something simple now, like carrots with ginger, but might bring a veg and a main dish too.
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Veggie pot pie? Use minimal topping (like thin layer of dumplings or phyllo pastry) and the non-carb eaters can scoop under. Freezes well. Use veggie stock, carrots, peas, corn, whatever. If you use olive oil or butter to make a roux it only takes a tablespoon of flour to make a thick broth with a bit of cream. Very tasty.

Veggie-Bean Lasagna


Rinsed, Drained and Boiled Canned Beans (amount depends on size of dish and I use a mix of black, kidney and romano, I find chickpeas not the right texture/flavour, but feel free to improvise!)

Tomato Sauce

Sliced Mushrooms

Diced Onions

Cottage Cheese

Shredded Mozzarella

Cooked, Drained Spinach

Layer bottom of pan with sauce, and mixed beans (I also like to use a bit of the mozzarella here, but it depends on your preference for cheesiness!).

Layer mushrooms and onions.

Beans and sauce.

Cottage cheese and spinach (you can put the spinach on top of the cottage cheese layer or mix the cottage cheese and spinach together gently -- you don't want green cheese! and then add as one item.

Beans and sauce.

Mushroom and onions.

Beans, sauce, cheese.

Bake at 350 F for one hour. Super yummy!!!

Sometimes I mix grated carrots in my tomato sauce or do a layer of butternut squash mashed instead of the spinach and leave out a layer of mushrooms. It's very versatile. I don't like to use a lot of sauce or it goes mushy. I do like to pre-boil the beans for a few minutes just to soften them.

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