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1st pregnancy ended in a c/s at 35 weeks. DS was footling breech and I was told by a doctor and several nurses that it was 'incredibly dangerous' to attempt a vaginal delivery.

So, misinformation and my own naivete are responsible for my c/s.

DS#2 was born via VBAC. It was a WONDERFUL experience to go into that pregnancy/birth with lots of research 'under my belt' and to be prepared no matter what BS came my way.

Pregnant now, due in December, and I've found a pair of midwives who are experienced with/and have no issue with various breech presentation births.

I think my VBAC succeeded because my OB was completely in favor of my choice. She would have done a repeat c/s if I'd asked for one, too, but was quite comfortable with my choice as long as both I and the baby were handling labor well. The other reason it succeeded is because I was committed. (Not meant to imply that other mamas who did not successfully VBAC were any less committed, btw.) What I mean is that if my outward appearance of committment to VBAC ever wavered, I have no doubt that there would have been at least a couple of voices jumping on that vulnerability and working me into a c/s.

Our very successful VBAC is what has led me to the homebirth route this time. After DS#2 was born, the OB said, "your uterus performed its job beautifully, you could have many more vaginal births without a problem."
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I came into the hospital with my second because I wasn't sure if I was in preterm labour or not (34 weeks, not *that* preterm...). IT was so mild I couldn't tell. I asked them to check me for two hours and no one would.
Finally the OBGYN came in and agreed to check and see if I'd dilated any. I was 4cm without ever going into labour and I let him know that in case he flipped out about it.

He said my son was crowning. I honestly never even knew I was in real labour, let alone had any idea he was crowning! He was crowning breech, and WHILE I was screaming, "I want a vaginal" they were already shaving me and putting IVs in my arm.
The OB put his hand up inside me and pushed my son back toward my womb. I can't even describe that pain!! I couldn't think clearly, and was totally freaked out, and eventually just signed the paper after they shoved it in my face, put a pen in my hand and even grabbed and clasped my fingers around it. They didn't give me much of a choice and I found out later even if I'd continued to scream "no" they would have done it anyway and found me unfit to make my own descisions.

So, long story short: an unnecessary c-section. I nver considered anything but a VBAC, honestly. Having a second c/s is the LAST thing on my mind.
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my section was for failure to progress after 50+ hours of labor. he did not descend past -2 station. was also told my pelvis was too small.

i am pretty positive he was malpositioned. i worked hard to make sure #2 was positioned correctly. i had a successful vbac.
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First dd was for fetal distress and "failure to progress" I had maternal fever. The second, I was determined to do it right. I fought hard for a VBAC. I convinced my midwife I could do it. I never once said I was tired...I did not want them to use anything against me! I did have a successful VBAC, but only after tearing my cervix. I still think it was well worth it. I don't think I would have torn anything if I didn't have pitocin.
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Failure to progress/failed induction at 41 weeks 5 days. Basically, the baby wasn't ready to come yet, in spite of how long he'd been gestating ! The thing that made me consider VBAC was the doctor who did my section ~ as I was leaving the maternity ward, he said to me, "I did your section to be sure you could have a vaginal birth next time." Meaning low-transverse, with double sutures. Up to that point, I'd thought, "once a section, always a section".

I've had 2 successful VBACs (one at home) since then .
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At 38 weeks I was measuring big so they sent me for a U/S to get weight and at 38 weeks two seperate techs said my DS was 10lbs 10oz and at 40 weeks he would be around 12 lbs and that was "dangerous to the mother and baby" so my midwife said they would take me up to 40 weeks but not a day after. The baby was already down until they turned me almost upside down on the table for the u/s and then he was floating very high. We tried every induction method every day up to 40 weeks where I still wanted a vag birth. They started me on Pit then broke my water. 17 hours later I as stuck at 7cm and wasn't progressing. They gave me an epi to 1) let me rest for a minute as my contractions had not gone up and down but had gone up and stayed up for as long as 4 minutes at a time and 2) to see if my body would relax and let the baby come down. Needless to say I ended up with a section but the OB at the hossy was great and said that she did the section so I could have a VBAC. Over all I like the hossy much more than the birth center. Next time I plan on a VBAC at "The Farm" in TN.
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Familial and personal history of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia. Asynclitic presentation.
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Mine was due to a footling breech baby. We knew he was breech, and I tried everything under the sun to flip that boy. I had a midwife/birth center but risked out after we found the baby to have Down syndrome, and the OB wouldn't try a version. We scheduled the surgery, but my boy wasn't waiting. I showed up at the hospital in the middle of the night dialated to 7 with both feet pushing through my cervix- a week before the date we had scheduled.
I don't regret the section under the circumstances, but would love a VBAC next time.
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Our 2nd dd was a c-sec because she was a footling breech. Tried everything under the sun to turn her nothing work. If she was a frank breech I would not had need a c-sec at this hospital. Since her I have had two HBAC and the last one was UBAC and I'm planning another HBAC this summer.
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My midwife had told me at the begining of my pregnancy that if I wouldn't be able to push out a 9lb baby b/c of the size of my pelvis. At my 32wk ultrasound, my son was estimated at 8lbs. I burst into tears. At my 38wk ultrasound, he was estimated at 10lbs. I had an option for vaginal, but was told that trying to push out a baby that big could cause problems for him and for me. I didn't want to risk any problems so I chose a c-section.

I wish I wouldn't have. He was 9lbs 8oz, and I think I should have at least TRIED. Right now I'm at the point of only considering a second child (my son just turned one) and I'm looking into VBACs because I feel like I cheated having a c-section. One big downside is that my midwife doesn't do VBACs and I really love her!
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My c/s was footling breech, already 2cm and ready to go!

My vbac was despite an uphill battle (high risk, IUGR, low fluid, high resistance in umbilical and the consulting peri-natologist on holidays so I had to deal with his underlings!) in the hospital, closely monitored but joyful empowering birth.

Head up! You can make all the right choices and do what is best for you and your baby! (Though we don't always know that until later )
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Spina bifida

My reason for a c-section was my daughter(2) has spina bifida. I had 8 prior vaginal deliveries. She was taken at 36 weeks, so that her lesion wouldn't be damaged any further than it already was.

I'm actually going to post now about my 1st successful VBAC which occurred on Monday!
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- DH had a heart attack when I was 7 mo pregnant so we didn't get to do our CBE classes (he's okay now)
- GBS+ at 37 weeks
- Midwife out of town for 2 days during my due-time, the 22nd/23rd
- Blizzard on the night of the 22nd
- Insomnia for 2 days, no sleep
- Water broke 3am the 23rd, told to go straight to hospital for ABX, no ctx until we were on the way to the hospital (in a friend's 4WD)
- Light ctx several hours, dilated to a *1* on admission
- OB pushed pitocin when hadn't reached a *2* 8 hrs after ROM; caved & did an epidural for the pit b/c I'd heard horror stories & was already exhausted & scared
- Ctx weren't behaving by the model - not regular enough, not progressive enough, pit increased several times to nearly max
- 4 hrs after started pit DDs heart started doing late decels (to 90) & not recovering very well with a head scratch; I didn't know to request O2 & a break from the pit, so when OB said "if you aren't at least a *6 or 7* we really need to get her out, the GBS clock isn't far from done
- I was a stretchy *3* ... c/s followed.

As for VBAC ...
My recovery from the c/s was rough, as I had a very resistant yeast problem for MONTHS thanks to the overdose of the ABX in labor (4 bags in 15 hrs). My family is healthy now. I have a very active 19 mo old daughter, who will be 26 mo when the baby comes. She needs her mama to be able to walk up the stairs without crying two weeks after birth. The risk of rupture is no greater than the risk of any of the serious complications in childbirth. My midwife doesn't have any plans for March. We're hiring a doula. We're taking a good CBE series. We're preparing. I'm doing everything I can to avoid GBS. We're going to do our best to give this babe a good start with a healing mama.
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I have a hip deformity (bilateral hip dysplasia) and my son has a very large head. He was already showing ominous signs of being unable to pass through my pelvis, then during labor he had a long heartrate deceleration.

I am a L&D nurse. I chose my doctors and nurses. My c/s was necessary and justified. I will not have a vbac because of the hip deformity and resulting pubic bone trauma of pregnancy that ultimately led to the first c/s.

I went into spontaneous labor. I used hypnosis for pain. I felt no pain except for in my hips. They felt like they were cracking open. I did not get pitocin or any other augmentation. I did get an epidural.
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The reasons for my c-section were Dd was posterior, acynclitic, never descended past -1 and after 28 hours of labor at home and the birth center and the midwife trying to manually turn dd's head to a better position and 4 hours of pushing with no progress, then my water broke and there was meconium present. I asked to transfer to the hospital to receive an epidural (back labor was a killer for me). Not long after that, we lost the heart rate no matter how hard my midwife looked with the doppler and the midwife team at the hospital couldnt locate it either. I was rushed in for an emergency c-section and dd came out with the cord around her neck 5 (count em 5!) times and she had also breathed in and swallowed meconium.

Luckily, we both turned out healthy in the end. Dh stayed with me while I shook and had the shivers post surgery and dd was taken to the NICU. Luckily my dad was there to help with the labor and he took it upon himself to follow the pediatric team with dd down to the NICU. He stood by the whole time and talked to her in a soothing voice. They had said to anticipate dd being there about 6 hours, which made me understandably upset, however, she was returned to my room within 1.5hrs, and was never without family thanks to grandpa! I somehow had the presence of mind to say NO FORMULA! when they left the room with her and the nurse helped me start breastfeeding immediately when she came back to my room.

Despite my feeling that this section was necessary, I still feel a little bit like I missed out on something not being able to have a drug free vaginal birth. It wasn't any fun recovering from the section, which we all know. I am gobbling up any info I can find on VBAC and am planning on attending the local ICAN meetings in the very near future. I think we can all do VBAC with lots of education and support!
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C-section #1:

At 36w3d I noticed considerable decrease in fetal movement. I got concerned and phoned my OB's office who told me to go straight to L&D becasue it was Sunday. I went to L&D and they put me on the fetal monitor. AT first everything seemd normal and fine. They did a BPP u/s and it was during the u/s concern grew. They told me to return to L&D the baby would have to be delieverd. Back at L&D and on the fetal monitor the HR was extremely low. AS low as 40 - 50 bpm with no explaination. I was not in labour, my cervix not a cm dilated. They told me my baby was in obvious fetal distress and needed to come out right away. They never took out a fetoscope to check the heartrate with their ears, just relied on what that machine told them.
Of course Dh and I were concerned and wanted to do anything we could do save the baby so we agreed to an emergency C-section to save the baby from her fetal distress. I was on the operating table being prepped for a spinal when the baby's heart rate went to zero and was unlocatable. They then told me there was no time for local anaesthsia, I had to be put under general. Before I knew it I was out cold. I had a classical insicion to get the baby out stat. I woke up hours later to be told my baby was fine but was in the NICU for observation and tests. There was no explaination why she was in fetal distress except that when she was removed from my womb the cord was wrapped around her neck. ?
Looking back now I wonder if it was not more physicisian distress that made me have my first C-section. It was very traumatizing and I remain very bitter about it.

C-section #2:
After my first birthing experience I was fearful and lacked the encouragement and support to VBAC. I wish I knew about MDC back then. Anyway it I had an elective C-section and I regret that more than anything! My epidural didn't completely take and I ended up leaving the hospital with a nasty infection in my incision.

This time around I am more educated and informed and I am very confident in doing a VBAC.
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Frank Breech. HB transfer to c/s (c/s was a forgone conclusion, going to the hospital with a breech). Discovered DS was frank breech at 9 cm. MW said she would deliver, my gut told me to go to hospital. He was fine. Will never know why my gut told me to do it, so I can't really regret my decision.
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Lots of breeches in this thread! Mine was footling breech. I believe I made the right decision to have a c/s, so I don't really have any regrets. Sometimes I have wondered whether I could have made her turn by doing different positions and whatnot (we did not attempt ECV), but I can remember how tight it was in there (I have very strong abdominal muscles, and believe they may have "locked" her into her breech position), so I don't think it would have worked. My c/s was a very good experience, so for me VBAC vs. repeat c/s is a tough decision.
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My first c/s was a footling breech as well -- although I was dialated to 10cm and pushing (labored at home for a lONG time) when they did the c-section. It was a huge "emergency" and they were terrified of a prolapsed cord.

I tried for a vbac recently -- desperately wanted it and sure that it would be no problem. Had a 20 hour back labor w/ no pain meds after having my water broken at 4cm dialated. Pushed for 2 hours. DD would not come down. I was just completely exhausted and couldn't do it anymore, so another c-section. Turned out she was asynclictic and her head was getting compressed. Her skull is overlapping now, but it shouldn't be a problem once it grows out.
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DH and I planned for me to labor at home as long as humanly possible, but I wound up having my entire labor in the hospital. My water broke and I didn't go into labor on my own. In my birthing class, we were told that it is uncommon for women's water to break first - something you see in the movies and on TV.

I actually didn't call my OB until well after my water broke, but I still ended up with a classical cascade of interventions leading up in fetal distress/failure to progress/swollen cervix. About 17 hours after my water broke, I had cervadil. About 6 or so hours after that I had pitocin. And at some point I took an epidural, slept like a rock for 3 hours, and then woke up. The pitocin was finally turned down 18 hours later, I believe. After all was said and done, DH and I concurred that I succumbed to the epidural too soon (though the original plan was to avoid it). DH was great in getting me on all fours and rubbing my back, but the nurses wanted me on the monitors and in bed when the pitocin. Wish I'd had the wherewithall or the right support persons to realize that my daughter was sunny-side up and to help with the nurses and the pain. My advice to pregnant moms is to have a plan in place in case your water breaks and you don't go into labor in 12-24 hours.
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