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My c/s was for posterior positioning. I labored for 56 hours, over 3 of which hours were pushing. I tried all kinds of repositioning and stuff to get him to turn, and when I was at 10 cm the midwife reached in and tried turning him manually, to no avail. Sadly, the OB on call wouldn't even try a vacuum-assisted delivery, so, exhausted, I agreed to the section.

I had a VBAC with my second. It was a long labor too -- 38 hours, but at least the baby used the exit nature provides. :-p

Mama to Thales, 12/9/02, and Lydia, 2/26/06
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My ds was a week late. A few days before he was born he was estimated to weigh 8lbs 6oz, so the doctor scheduled an induction for Tuesday 9/28/04 at 6 a.m. However, I went into labor on my own at 2 a.m that morning. Looking back on it, it is obvious ds was posterior, but at the time I didn't really know why I was having extreme backpain and feeling no contractions in the front. I wanted to labor at home before going to the hospital, so I soaked in the tub for awhile and walked a bit. Then we headed to the hospital. I wanted to go drug free as long as possible, but the nurses/doctor made me get in the bed and hooked me up to a monitor. I was in so much pain (all in my back) that I agreed to an epidural. After my epidural I dilated fully and pushed for three hours. It was then that I was told ds was posterior and they tried to use the vaccum. After an hour of pushing with the vaccum he still wouldn't come, so I was given a c-section.

I also knew right away that I wanted a VBAC with my next child. I didn't feel like I had really given birth, KWIM? Right now we are planning on ttc in late 2007/early 2008, so I've been trying to find a midwife. I'm hoping for a hospital waterbirth and have found a midwife who does them in Indianapolis. I plan on meeting with her soon.
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My c-section (it still feels so weird to type that phrase!) was elective, at 37w3d, for a variety of reasons. There were some concerns about DD's growth at our 32wk appointment with the midwives, and they also thought she was breech, so we were referred out for an ultrasound. The perinatologist that I saw the next day recorded slightly-smaller-than-average size and low fluid (my AFI was 7). They also told us that the baby was definitely breech, and a girl.

I was told to take it easier, eat a high-protein diet, and drink lots and lots of fluid, and come back over the next two weeks for another ultrasound and then a biophysical profile, with NSTs at the midwives' office in between. I kept doing daily kick counts (DD was almost constantly active in utero; it never took me more than 9 minutes to register 10 separate movements). We commenced doing everything we could figure out to get her to turn--acupuncture, moxibustion, chiropractic work, pelvic inclines, deep water immersion and headstands. We used a flashlight, DH's voice, music. She stayed stubbornly breech throughout.

The fluid levels refused to come up, no matter what I did. At the end of my pregnancy I was drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water every day, and eating around 125g of protein every day (I kept a food diary and counted every gram). All I did was eat, drink and pee (and make various attempts to turn DD). The docs refused to entertain any options other than c-section for a breech baby, and no one was willing to attempt a version because of the low fluid levels. My midwives, who are wonderful and believe in breech homebirth, recommend that I not attempt a homebirth with THIS baby because of the other health concerns. We talked about fleeing to The Farm or finding a midwife in the area who would work with us, if I could make it past the 37-week mark. I was talked into steroid injections to mature DD's lungs "just in case". The weekly visits became twice-weekly, then every other day. At the very end, right at 37 weeks, one of the NSTs was less-than-spectacular, and the next day's ultrasound showed an AFI of 2. They scheduled surgery for the next morning, and I had a very frank discussion with the doctor who would be doing the surgery about double-layer suturing with dissolving stitches.

DD was born at 5.5lbs, 19". She had no breathing problems and never had to be separated from me throughout our hospital stay. She was (and still is) a healthy, skinny baby. Pathology on the placenta came back just fine; although DD was 6th percentile for weight, her placenta was 75th. The doctors and midwives have no idea why we had the issues that we did.

HBAC next time, definitely. I am still reeling emotionally from DD's birth; not only the loss of the homebirth I had planned, but the experience of labor itself. I hope that giving birth to my next child will help heal the wound left by DD's birth. Like Meg, I do not feel like I gave birth.
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My section (8th baby, after 7 vaginal births, incl. one vaginal breech) was due to severe decels that developed after a successful external version. It was an uncomplicated surgery, and I healed quickly afterwards, but it felt to me like surgery, not like birth. I know women who feel that their c-sections were truly about giving birth to their babies, but for me, it was simply not.

The most frustrating aspect of the whole experience was that just a few years earlier, the version itself wouldn't even have been necessary, as we had a local OB who was comfortable catching vaginal breech babies. Once he retired, though, no one in the medical community would touch a breech other than through a belly incision. A couple of local midwives were willing, but had had little hands-on experience.

Three years after my section, I had a nice vbac in the small, local hospital. It was pretty hands-off, uneventful, and smooth, and it reminded me of why it is so important that women be supported in birth choices.

Joni and kids
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My DD was larger than average, was breech until just about 39 weeks (we tried EVERYTHING to turn... finally the week of the scheduled C, I saw a chiropractor, and voila! Cancelled the C), and didn't turn all the way around... was head-down, but face up, forehead presentation, and not decending. After 31 hours of labor (water had broken naturally), debilitating pain, that wasn't relieved even with an epidural (certainly wasn't in my birth "plan"...but all plans go out the window when nothing is working, and you can't even sit up let alone stand to labor any longer), and several hours of fruitless pushing, my DH, my midwife, my doc, and myself decided a C-section was the best choice for all involved. My midwife tried to reposition the babe with no luck, and my doctor couldn't use the vacuum because my baby's forhead was presenting (you could feel her eyebrows instead of the top of her head).

My baby was never in distress, but I was. I was tired, in pain, had a fever, and couldn't effectively labor... and, just ready to meet and nurse my baby.

I am glad I had a C-section; my babe was born so healthy, scored 9s on the apgar, and I healed really well, and relatively quickly.

The reason I am choosing to try for a VBAC this time is because I know it is best for babies & moms to birth naturally, and I am confident that as long as my baby is positioned well this time, we'll have success. I planned to have a natural birth the first time, but things just don't always go as planned. And they may not again this time, but I'd feel remiss if I just went scheduled C. It wouldn't have been my plan the first time, and since there are no underlying reasons yet to go that way, I'm not scheduling this time either.
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dd was transverse. tried everything to turn her, didn't work. when they tried to pull her out they figured out why -- cord around her neck and ankle making it impossible for her to. they had to do a j incision to get her out so i will probably have repeat c/s for future kiddos.
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I was laid in bed given pit a few hours after my water broke, took the offered drugs, non-reassuring heart tones showed up on monitor, (though after I swiched positions the dips in ds's heart rate stopped, this I know now). Any way ppd convinced me to never have any more kids, then when dh was wanting a babe, I started researching vbac, and now we are totally decided on hbac, a few things that really helped me were the ICAN meetings/ White Papers (Look on their website for the white papers on uterine rupture), and Nancy Wainer Cohen's books.
Best wishes!
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cord around neck....couldnt reach it to undo it.......heartrate was stressed with each push and not returning to normal....had 2 other sections after. If only I could have gotten up switched positions been educated I think I could have done it.....Still makes me angry.:
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Crash c-section d/t variables. Had a few very little drops. My midwife tried everything. Different positions and an amnio infussion. However when DD hrt droped to 20 you don't keep trying at that point. At that point I had a emergency c-section. She had a crown cord. Cord around her head like a crown and as she moved down it compressed. I had made it to 8cm with no pain meds Of course I was very disapointed to have had the section. It is something I grieved about for a long time. However the most important thing is a healthy baby. You do what you have to do to get that healthy baby.
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Mine was long back labor, exhaustion, hospital procedure..
This time I am staying out of the hospital!
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i've spent the day reading your stories while nursing, and crying through many of them. we are the secret sisterhood of the unwanted c-section.

Ruby was born via c-section because I couldn't push her out. I labored at home and was fully dilated in about 11 hours (after my water had been broken for 2 days). I then pushed for 13 hours (yes. thirteen as in half a day. not a typo). She never descended past 1+station. Finally we decided to give up and go to the hospital, knowing I'd be cut.
Once there, it was a complete nightmare. SInce she was stuck, they had to have someone go in vaginally and push her up. I had a panic attack on the operating room table (complete with cussing out the surgeons for trying to kill me, and begging the anesthesiologist to get me out of there) and I was knocked out. When I woke up i couldn't stop shaking for several hours. I don't remember the first time i saw or held her.

It was a horrible experience, and I still blame myself. I won't sign up for one again.
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it was a holiday

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Hi Ericswifey, How amazing! I was going to post my story but yours and mine are completely alike: cms, times and all! Only 'difference': I finally got to hold my little one after 4 (!) hours, and by that time she was fast asleep because they had fed her a bottle of formula (it still brings tears of rage to my eyes when I think of it) It took me a long time to heal from this, but I'm pregnant again and (also!) due in june for #2! Wish I could do a HBAC but where I live midwives aren't allowed to assist at VBAC's, so I'll have to go to the hospital and that's the gyn's territory.
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Double footling breech, no trial of labor (I was 5CM dilated when my water broke.) Went to the hospital and was sliced and diced within the hour :
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I was 41 1/2 weeks, originally planned on a water birth but my blood pressure was so high the midwives were afraid I had toxemia. They checked my protein but it was normal, then sent me to a local crunchy ob anyway. She also checked for toxemia, again, nothing. She said there was no way I could get out of being induced, so I headed to the hospital after eating with my doula and my dh.

They would not let me eat.
They wanted me strapped to the EFM *at all times*(I walked around anyway).
They gave me an IV and had a *very* hard time finding my veins.

Then I was induced. I don't remember the name of the first drug used, only that it is used for abortion. That was 12 hrs down the drain. I was 100% effaced but I was not dialating. The ob broke my waters and put me on Pit. I dialated at the rate of about half-1 cm an hour. 24 hours later, I was still only 8 cm. Then they started talking about a C-Section, I started freaking out, the baby went into fetal distress and the next thing I knew it was the "only option".

He was backwards and had gotten stuck.

I am not bitter about my birth, only about what happened afterwards. Basically the baby lost a pound and a half, they pushed formula on him, etc but I kept on bf'ing because I knew that once we got home he would be ok. And we were.

Recently dh and I have been discussing having a second child(he wants them close in age, I'm not ready yet). I want an HBAC but a midwife who attends an HBAC in my state will lose her license...
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Posterior baby, back labor, and epidural because I couldn't handle the pain. Labor progressed steadily and I was fully dilated, my doctor could touch the top of his head with the first joint of her finger ... she was telling me about how much hair he had. But I just couldn't push him out and the pain was unbelievable.

I am still angry with the anesthesiologist who insisted on having my epidural turned down to half strength for the pushing phase. I wasn't having any problems feeling with the epidural at full strength. They asked if I could feel anything and I said "I can do kegels." I could have gotten up and walked if they'd let me. But the pain was gone. I could have pushed for half a day with that level of pain relief ... but when he dropped it to half strength, the pain was so bad I wanted to shoot myself. Three hours of pushing was as much as I could handle. After he'd been stuck there for over an hour, I consented to the C-section. It took them half an hour for them to pull him back out of the birth canal during the section, he was stuck so bad!

The OB said I'm not a candidate for a VBAC. I may get my records and request a second opinion. But honestly, I don't think I'm willing to risk a repeat of my first birth experience. If you could guarantee me a successful vaginal delivery, I'd absolutely do it, but I don't think I can handle the trauma of another unplanned section.
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