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Pony Tail Hell!!!

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With three girls I figure Ihave most likely pulled someones hair into a pony tail at least 5000 times.

What is it with my girls and"bumps?" Bump on their scalp before the pony tails!!It takes 5-6 attempt before I manage to get one that is bump free!!!

I thought my two oldest girls were bad until #3 came along. EVERYTIME I braid or pull her hair up she freaks and complains, loudly I might add, " No, I have a bump"

I know this seems silly and it is. I am just wondering if my girls are the only ones with this crazy"bump"issue!!

Granolamom ( Queen of the bumps)
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know this seems silly and it is. I am just wondering if my girls are the only ones with this crazy"bump"issue!!
Hi Granolamom...no you are not alone. I have one daughter, and at almost 16 i still help with her hair ocassionally, and yes, she gets upset about the dreaded "bump". i have spent more money on brushes, hoping to find the perfect one to do her hair bump free.

i am still looking!
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For my own hair in order to get it BUMP FREE, I brush it out really well, then I use my hands only to tie it up - works like a CHARM on my head, but I'm not sure how well it would work on the soft little girl hair.......
Give it a try......
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I'm 28 and still can't figure out how to keep my hair 100% bump free! My hair is super-fine, and I have had the most success with a round vented brush, though.

Amy, mom to Tsuneo, 09/12/01
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My best friend has obsessed about ponytail bumps since we were in preschool. I always found it a bit strange that we'd be going to play soccer and she'd take an hour to put her hair in the perfect ponytail! She still constantly asks, "Is it bumpy?"
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I'm a bump freak too! If I put my hair up I can't STAND any bumps... But my hair is very very thick, so I have to brush it to get all the bumps out. But thin combs really help, just pulling those thru my hair over the bump... and if its a big bump, using a bobby pin to push the loose hair in close to where the pony tail comes together can sometimes fix it too...
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Hehehe, I discovered that when I get lumps, I just brush the hair towards the ponytail holder and then the bumps stay there, then I flip the pony up in a clip or a big barette which covers both the lumps and the rubber band. I feel soooo sneaky! I used to have to have perfect ponytails when I was in HS.
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Another idea:
My sister would let her daughter lie on the bed with her head almost off the side, and then brush and tie it up like that....

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I hate bumps too!!! I have been know to redo them more than once to get them right!!
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Rain used to call bumps "pluffs", and she would not tolerate any of 'em. She has really fine-textured but really thick hair, and it pluffed a lot.

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Three girls, lot's of hair, lot's of bumps. Some urghs!!! Lot's of short hair. No more ponies, no more bumps. tee hee
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