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I have a problem...

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I've signed up for some computer programming classes (for a specific program that only 5 of us in the system use.) Anyway, my work hours are 7-4 everyday, so that it's only 2 hours between when DH leaves for work and I get home from work (so the babysitter, either my mom or nanny-type isn't there too long.)
Anyway, the training is from 8-5. Now, when I signed up for this class originally, I thought I asked if I could still work 7-4 and my boss said okay. Again, I say I think- cause I have new mommy brain and can't fully remember- was it a dream or did that conversation really happen?
Well, today he's at a conference out of town. When he left last night he asked someone else in our office if I knew the times of the class were 8-5, so that I'd be sure to come at 8 instead of 7.
Well, now I don't know what to do. I really hate being an hour late getting home to DS cause he goes to sleep so early, I'd hardly see him before he crashed for the night. Not to mention that my mom already has plans for tomorrow night and was counting on me getting home at my regular time. She can alter her plans a bit, but I'm still going to have to leave a few minutes early so she can make it to her deal.
Am I being a total baby? They have been really nice to me regarding pumping, changing my hours, sick leave due to migraines.
The more I write the more I think I should just go 8-5 and not make a fuss.

What do you guys think????
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Are other people being trained, too? If so, they'd all have to agree to move the time, and I'd be hesitant to ask them to accomodate me. I'd wanna go with the flow and save the MommyCard for when I really really need it. If you're the only one receiving the training, you can casually ask about a time change pretty easily without it sounding like whining. But I would keep my commitment about the class. (What's the duration and frequency of the classes?Daily? Weekly? For a month or a few weeks?) Good luck!!
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Try the 8-5 and if there is a problem, talk it out with family and bosses to see what is up and how can things work out....

Good luck!
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Sorry, I should have explained it better. There are 5 of us being trained. They flew this woman in from TX to do our training and it's costing a fortune.
I would NEVER ask them to alter the time of the class, I was just going to leave an hour early and just miss that part of the training.
The thing is, the program we're being trained on has so many different uses and we all use it for different things . So, that last hour on that first day could be useless to me because it's involving the accounting side of the program, rather than the database part of it. Make sense?
Then again, the database part could be what she's teaching at the end of that day, so it'd be pretty lame to miss that.
It's only for 2 days.
I think I'll just do the deal like I'm supposed to the first day, then if it seems like I can leave early the next day I'll come at my normal time.
Thanks for letting me hash this out! Sometimes you have to talk/write things out to get a clear picture!
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