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Where's the cheapest place online to buy a mei tai type carrier?

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Post a link to any online stores you would recommend for buying a mei tai / asian type carrier on a budget. Thanks!
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I got one off ebay, from a woman in FL who does all her vending VIA ebay (as far as I can tell). I haven't received it yet but she had good reviews.

Her business/MTs are/is called 'Cuddling baby' they go for about $20-25USD.
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I got one on EBay and we HATE it. I wouldn't buy a custom made one again
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I highly recommend the trade page on www.thebabywearer.com! I've gotten a few "steals" over there. Plus, they have great reviews with retail prices customers paid for them. There's also a ISO (In Search Of) page where you could list what you're looking for.
Someone is bound to have a MT for less than retail or ebay auction!
Good luck feel free to PM with any questions.

Just found this FSOT on the TP! WAHM made MT for $25.00!
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Hey, I just saw a Kozy for sale for $35, which is an AWESOME price (paid $80 for mine). And IMO, Kozys are the gold standard for mei tais. If you want to know who's selling it, let me know. (I'd post it, but then someone else might snap it up )
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I got a bebetai from thebabywearer's trading post for $35 (with shipping.) I posted that I could spend at most $30 for the carrier, and I had 3 people respond.
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got mine from thebabywearer.com for only $35. Ellaroo very slightly used. Or here on the MDC trading post. You can find very good deals
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I got mine from http://www.two-hearts-carrier.com/ for $45. I LOVE it!
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I totally recommend getting a second hand known-brand MT over a less expensive MT made by a random wahm. You really do get what you pay for.
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TP here

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The Cat's Meow has inexpensive mei tais and good reviews on The Babywearer, but I have not tried one personally. I agree with trying the FSOT board on The Babywearer; I bought a new one for less than $30 when a vendor announced her clearance sale.
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I would read reviews and get a known brand. I've had a "weird one" from a random WAHM.
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Definitely check TBW, and also the babywearing swap yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BabywearingSWAP/

Sometimes you can find some great deals on brand name carriers!
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hhhmmmm..i have a "cheap" MT i got on ebay..........now you guys have got me wondering if maybe i should spring for a "good" one...??
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A really nice carrier if you like wide straps, and reasonable prices ($37 dollars for the cheapest option.)

If you can sew at all, you might want to try making your own - that could be very cheap!
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why not make one with the fabric of your very own choice. It took me only 30 mins and I am only new sewer with the cheapest sewing machine
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I second rosybaby...I made one out of scrap fabric one evening. Worked great! I made an infant-sized one, and now that DS is 9 months old, he's a little too big for it, but enjoys being carried in it regardless.
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I agree with making one. I made mine. The stitching is kind of wonky, as I was in a desperate hurry. (needed it the next morning) But, it is wonderful. It cost me a total of seven dollars and two hours of work.

I used Microfiber from WalMart for 2.49 a yard. (you need two yards) and a pretty fabric for $1. a yard. I used less than half a yard of that.

If you want, we will post the sites to the free patterns and directions.
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I would be interested in making one

can you let me know of any sites with patterns
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http://www.mammasmilk.com/pages/makeyourown.php Here is a great link.

Good Luck~

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