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We have a toof!

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After a week of misery and the worst sleeping ever, Titus finally cut his first tooth! ... and it's still there! A week ago it peeked out and ducked back into the gums but now the whole thing is there. I'm just so excited to see what his smile looks like with that little pearl.
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AWW! I love these tiny teeth. Luka just got in his bottom two and now he's working on the top two- bet they'll be here this week. Grrreeeaaat, I totally didn't want sleep. Sleep is for losers.
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Yay!! My son is just cutting his second tooth. I took pictures of his new smile yesterday and emailed them to friends. My ped told me to start brushing his teeth once daily. Any opinions on that?
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I have a little "finger brush". I think it's mostly just for keeping food from collecting- I can't imagine using paste. (I quit going to the ped when they'd only give me as much new information as the bathroom scale could tell me)

Sleep is for losers.
True dat! It was the left, lower incisor and I think his cuspid is going to be next. Aren't the first one and the cuspids supposed to be the most painful? Yeeha for sleep dep!!!
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I thought it was the molars that were the most painful?

And I am right there with you with sleep dep. In addition to the teething, my family just returned from a week long trip. I am trying to get my DS back on his sleep schedule. I can get him to sleep at his normal times but he wakes up often. It is like he is not content enougn to put himself back to sleep. Hopefully we can quickly get to the point where he trusts me enough to know that I will be there if he needs me so when he doesn't he can go back to sleep.
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aww! Daphne too.....she just got her bottom two teeth in. She has been a bit crabby but not horribly so.
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reed got his first tooth in the middle of the night last night! gosh, they are growing up so quickly!
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Kali first tooth nubbed through last night when we were at a vegan restaurant! You can barely see it and the next one in line. I can't believe she already has a tooth. She has been really good, not nearly half as complainy as D was.
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