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Had my US!!

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This is good. Reason was bad, HORRIBLE right side pain, they had to verify it wasn't the baby. Then they had to also rule out appendicitis. Apparently I had neither---the pain is now gone.

AND---I saw the little arms and legs moving, I saw the little heart beating, nice strong heart rate. I could even see the little brain in the head. It was OH SO COOL!!

AND JUST ONE! yeah!!
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Oh, I'm so glad for you - YAY!

Sorry to hear about your pain, though...I have had a pain (more of a cramp) in my right side for a couple of days now and I was also worried about appendicitis. Did they tell what might have caused your pain?
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Its so wonderful to see your baby, eh! Neato you could see the baby's brain!

Hope you feel better!
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Yay for a good U/S. Glad the pain is gone. That must have been nervewracking!
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It was HORRIBLE! DR said probably stomach bug basically. It's gone today, took a long nap this afternoon and have returned to eating like I'm making up for the last 2 days LOL the bad news is, I think DS is getting it. He went to bed with a low-grade temp at about 9:30 and didn't fight going to bed at all despite napping till 4....
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