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Potty-learning: "Let her run naked for a week"

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My DD is showing interest in learning the potty (I think mainly because she saw her friend on the potty the other day). Anyway....several friends have told me to clear my schedule and let her be naked for a week...so this is what I'm doing.

But man. My poor floors. Luckily I have all hardwood but still. Today is the second day of nakey-ness and she's peeing EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday I was so positive and just said....Oh look! You did pee-pees. And then cleaned it up (I decided that only *I* will clean it up because she really loves cleaning with a cloth and sprayer and I don't want her to pee on the floor just to get to clean up ).

Today I'm finding myself a little less enthusiastic about the process as it's only 8:30 and I've already cleaned up a half dozen pees -- one on the little bit of carpeting that we do have.

So....those who have taken this approach. Tell me more. At what point do I try to steer her towards the potty (she's resisting it a bit...I can get her to sit on it first thing in the morning, and she will pee, but that's about it).

At what point do I say...maybe she's not ready yet and put diapers back on???

Thanks for any advice you have!

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We've never let her be naked for potty learning - we just let her be naked all the time and she just so happened to start going on her own. When she started grabbing herself we would remind her to use the potty if she had to go and she did. She doesn't have any accidents when she naked now (knock on wood) but it took longer than a week (although she started when she was much younger about 18 months).

The problem I have is that she will ONLY use the potty when naked. Panties don't do it for her.

I think if she is open to it and doesn't seemed bothered and there is not alot of pressure to go for it. However, if she is resistant and doesn't want to do it then wait until later. She'll potty train when shes ready and it will be a whole lot less stressful for both of you!
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We did naked potty learning and it worked well for both kids. Ds had more accidents than dd but at least he made it to the potty most of the time so I wasn't constantly cleaning. I kept the potty in the room where we were (living room usually) on one of those waterproof crib pads. I tried to watch them like a hawk and I soon as they started to pee I would grab them and sit them on the potty. With dd I only had to do it once and she got the idea. With ds it took many more accidents before he got it. But at least he attempted to pee in the potty. He just forgot sometimes or tried but didn't make it in time. So if you are using a little potty it may help to keep it where ever you are at the time.

My feeling is if you are not okay with what's happening, she'll pick up on that and it could make things worse. Try to give it one more day and if she's really not showing any interest in the potty, just peeing on the floor, I'd go back to diapers. If the pee didn't bother you I wouldn't worry about it, but since it does (and that's okay, it'd probably bother me if it were every single time, too) then it's not worth it to continue.

Give it another day if you can and if there's no improvement put the diapers back on and try again at a later time. She may not be ready, yet.
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Originally Posted by Jade2561

The problem I have is that she will ONLY use the potty when naked. Panties doesn't do it for her.


We also keep the potty in the room ds is in. I'd say if you are getting frusterated, just wait a couple months and try again.
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IMO 2 is way too young to be potty training in earnest. If you happen to have the kind of precocious kid who does it on their own, super, but that's rare (again, IMO). We did the naked thing for peeing with dd, but she was *three* years old, and had been happily using the potty regularly for some time. The naked thing was just to transition from almost-trained to fully-trained- and it took way longer than a week, too!
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Wait a minute, you've got a just two year old AND a 6 week old and you're potty training? :

To be honest to me, it doesn't sound like your dd is ready. Ds did exactly what your dd is doing when we let him run around naked at age 2. Peed everywhere, all the time. He just didn't feel it coming, and so couldn't judge it.

Dd on the other hand, just turned 25 months (today!) and as soon as I'm done grading my last finals (gee, maybe I should be doing that and not posting), we're going naked for a week.

A child needs at least 2 skills to potty train:

First, they need to be able to hold it. For our dd, she has been showing interest in the potty for about 6 months now. But only for the last month or so has she been 'reliable' about not peeing when running around naked (which is her favorite thing to do -- when I left the house this morning, she was sitting with dh on the couch, reading a book, dressed only in her sandals!).

She's also shown she has the other major skill needed for potty training - being able to let it down when she sits on the potty. That skill took ds until he was nearly 3 1/2 to master. Dd has been doing it for 5 months (but without the 'holding it' skill, I knew she wasn't ready).

So, since she's reliable about not peeing on a short term basis, and she's great at peeing 'on command', I'm going for it.

I'd give your daughter to the end of today if you're really going nuts or until the end of tomorrow if you're not. If she's still having as many accidents, try again at the end of summer. And then in December. And then in June...
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I don't think it's too young. But, of course, all kids ARE different. My oldest son was PT by his 2nd BDay & my DD1 was PT at 19 months. I just got sick of changing diapers & said "no more, use the toilet." They did. I did let them go naked for a bit & when they weren't they had underwear on. Only took a few days with each kid. But you MUST be 100% dilligent with it. Well, anyway, that's MY experiance. Good luck!
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all my kids were potty trained by thier second birthday. : i certainly don't think sheis to youg.

this is pretty much the system we used but we set her on the potty frequently. and when she peed on the floor I woudl say something "oh look, pees on the floor. p ees go in thepotty. sit on thepotty next time" and any poops would go into the little potty where she could see them before we flushed them (yes this was an extra step but it drove home the fact that this stuff had a home.) we kept it in the living room to make it easy. it took a couple of weeks though.

and I got a swiffer wet mop for my floor . . ..
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BTW, Touchpoints has a pretty good week-by-week plan for potty training and excellent advice on judging readiness. It's a good resource. He also recommends not even beginning to think about beginning until after the second birthday, and his reasons are pretty good. I have some friends whose kids were all completely toilet trained by 18months or so, but my children simply weren't ready until they were ready- and that was much closer to the average of the not-too-early school. We seem to be returning to a fashion of very early training, which the 60s and 70s were *not* in favor of. What's more important is the individual child, and knowing what to look for, and when it's just not a good time yet. Don't forget, potty training is not necessarily easier than diaper changing!
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We have been really loose with DD, she's 2 and 4 months now. I give her the choice every morning, diaper or undies? Now that it's nice, I'll also let her choose nothing at all! She picks on her own and uses the potty probably 70% of the time when she's in undies/naked. We know that she can do it, but I don't want to push too hard, it's not that big of a deal for us. I would say if you cleaned up 6 pees by 8:30 am, she's might not be ready. Not that kids aren't ready at two... DD has been interested since 18 months and using the potty off and on since about 20 months. I just wouldn't drive yourself nuts over it! Especially not with a little babe as well, that can be a hard transition time for toddlers, alot to adjust to... Good luck!
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At that age, I would wait on the nakedness unless you are able to be right next to her to help her recognize the signs and put the potty under her butt right away or you can spend naked time outside. If she is interested in the potty, offer her potty time about 20 minutes after meals or drinking.

I have the opposite problem right now. My almost 3 year old is great at using the potty when he is naked, but he doesn't want to be naked! He wants to wear his diaper all the time. Everytime I manage to get him naked for more than 5 minutes he runs and uses the potty.
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I'd wait. I did the "naked for a week" thing for 6 weeks. He didn't pee on the floor and he did just fine naked, but with underwear on he pee'd . So we went back to diapers for a few months. I don't think it is something you can decide. Try again later.
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I prefer getting them out of diapers younger. The concept of sitting in one's waste just sounds uncomfortable to me, so I imagine it must be uncomfortable for them as well. My ds1 we did EC, but he didn't pee in the toilet consistantly until after 3 (he is ASD and there were a lot of other issues involved). My ds2 self-trained by 18 months, though he also had pee "accidents" for a while. I just help him change and move on. They are learning a new skill, and like anything it will take time and practice.

I am currently leaving my dd naked in the house and in underware in the yard. She is 14 months. She gets horrible rashes in cloth diapers and I don't want her in disposables, so I would rather she just learn to use the potty. I started leaving her naked about a month ago. I am not dilligent (3 young kids, it isn't possible) yet she is LEARNING. She has progressed from peeing everywhere to squatting when she pees. The awareness is happening. She will now seek out the potty, but hasn't figured out how to actually control the pee enough to use it

I guess it is personal preference. Some people like to wait until it can be a day or 2 process (even if it means diapering an older child). Others don't mind cleaning up the little messes along the way and letting it be a gradual thing (like other learning that takes place in the early years). The key is NO PRESSURE for the child.

If it is making you crazy or her stressed out then take a step back and re-evaluate.

Good luck
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I didn't let my DD run around naked, but I just put her in some training panties. They were absorbent enough to hold a small bit of pee, and they made her uncomfortable enough to want to use the potty. She got it in a week, which was super. I wasn't expecting that.

This was at 25 months old, but all kids are different. Many won't be ready until later. My first was completely using the potty at 18 months.
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I let my 17 month old DS go nakey about 95% of his awake time when we're at home. I'm not necessarily trying to potty train him, but I just think he's more comfortable and he has become very aware of his bodily functions, which will help when he gains some control and is ready to potty-learn.

I try to be very careful about catching him when he needs to poop. I just watch for the signs, and either take him to the potty or put a diaper on him (he's not always patient enough to sit on the potty and wait for the poop).

I keep a little potty in the living room, where he spends most of his time. He sits on it a lot, but very rarely actually pees in it.

For messes, I keep prefolds handy. We have carpet and prefolds soak it up so well that the spot is only slightly damp after I've soaked it up. Thankfully his pee doesn't have a strong odor. I make a point to clean the carpets periodically. Using prefolds for messes cuts down on our diaper laundry because I can reuse the prefolds. I just hang it over the side of the playpen to dry and it's ready to soak up another mess in an hour or two. I use one prefold all day long. Most days, I have about 3-4 pees to clean up.

He's starting to understand what the potty is for. Sometimes, he goes into the bathroom to pee (on the floor) and sometimes he tries to aim his pee *at* the little potty (but it still ends up on the carpet).

I make a point to talk about the potty a lot. I say, "Oh look, you peed on the floor, I'll clean it up. Try to remember to use the potty." I'm completely laid back. NO SHAMING whatsoever. I just remind him when he pees that he has the option to use the potty. He's so funny though. He'll pee on the floor and try to run to the potty while the stream is still going. Then he'll say, "uh-oh!" and grab the prefold, dab the floor and then put the prefold in the potty.

This is just how I prefer to do things. I'd rather clean up a few pees a day than be changing diapers all day and having to wash more often.
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Thanks mamas!

I'm going to see what happens today and then re-evaluate. I'm totally not feeling any pressure/stress about this either way. I really just kind of wanted to see what she'd do. She's extremely verbal and has been talking about not wanting to wear diapers and wanting to do pee-pee in the potty. Then she started taking her diapers off and wanting to run naked so I thought...hmmmm. Maybe she's ready.

Based on some of your responses though, I don't think she's quite there. She doesn't appear to have the ability to hold her pee or to release at will. It seems like each pee that happens surprises her....Mama! I did pee-pee on the floor!

I am keeping the BBLP in whatever room we're in and mentioning it periodically like....Hey Lily...we just had monnies (nursed) which sometimes makes you need to go pee-pee. Why don't you try sitting on your potty?


Five minutes later she pees on the floor so I said....You did pee-pee on the floor. Next time maybe you could try sitting on the potty.

The one time I tried to catch her mid-stream and put her on the potty she got VERY upset by my fast movement and scrambling to the potty....I won't be doing that again.

Anyway....I told DH not to mention anything about the potty this morning. Let's just see what she does/says. If she's interested in being naked....I'll follow her lead for one more day and then see how I'm feeling about this whole thing!

I know it seems a little that I'm doing this with a six week old but he's still in the sleepy newborn phase so it's actually been pretty good. He snoozes all morning and I can focus on her more.

Anyway....I appreciate all of your responses.
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Naked potty-learning worked for us!!!
Isabella started at 23 months. The 1st 2 weeks were all 100% accidents.
But she would sit on the pot for fun and she would sit there for hours reading her potty books.... just didn;t use it untill day 15.:

Ofcourse then we were in the same boat as Jade2561 ! She refused to wear panties.
It' only been this last month that she has started wearing panties on a consistant basis. We went shopping on-line (with her on my lap) and I let her pick out all her own panites. She picked Finding Nemo and all white with ruffles.. then she helped me pay for them and we would go check thye mail everyday for them to come.

She still prefers to be naked about 30% of the time. But since I SAH I don't really push her to wear her panties all the time. KWIM?

I'm defiantly going the naked way with Eloisa when it's her turn.

oh yes- wanted to add that after the 1st time Isabella went pee on the pot she had absolutely no accidents. She just went ot the pot everytime she had to go pee or poop.
And we have 3 pottys. ! in the livingroom, 1 in her room by the bed, and 1 in the bathroom.
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Nakedness worked well for us once DS was ready. We tried it for a day here and there, and those days he just peed and kept on playing, we decided he wasn't ready yet. Just before 2.5 yrs old, we tried it again and it was great. Maybe your dd just isn't quite ready...? (you could always do outside play naked if you have a good yard for that and encourage her to do the potty outside but save your floors with a diaper inside until she gets the hang of it a bit more...?)
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Don't mean to hijack this thread but is there anyone out there who did NOT use the run naked method and instead used training pants? The reason I ask is that it is pretty clear to me (from my daughter and from reading other posts) that letting them go naked teaches them to go when they are naked but not when they are clothed. So then you have to start the whole potty-learning process with them again for when they are clothed. So, do training pants work? We don't have them in France but I have asked my sister back to get some Gerber training pants for us.
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Originally Posted by cmlp
Don't mean to hijack this thread but is there anyone out there who did NOT use the run naked method and instead used training pants? The reason I ask is that it is pretty clear to me (from my daughter and from reading other posts) that letting them go naked teaches them to go when they are naked but not when they are clothed. So then you have to start the whole potty-learning process with them again for when they are clothed. So, do training pants work? We don't have them in France but I have asked my sister back to get some Gerber training pants for us.
hyjack away....it's a great question.
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