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Sick babies?

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Anyone have a sick babe?? Alayna has caught my cold, poor baby is soooo stuffed up. What can I do to help her?
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I got a cold last week, and now Kirsten is snotting up a storm too. Yuck. And it seems to be more of a post-nasal drip kind of thing that makes her gag when she's on her back. No suggestions, just commiseration. I hope Alayna is feeling better soon.
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You can try a humidifier and saline spray followed by lots of suction. That's what I did with Clara when she had colds.

We have a stomach bug going through our house. Blech. It's not so bad, but annoying. Hard to tell if the baby has it as she poops all the time anyway!
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We've all got a cold here! I second the saline drops and suction with a bulb syringe. Helps our little boy a lot. Also, you night try letting baby sleep on you in a semi sitting position, like if you're in a recliner. It helps with the stuffiness and post nasal drip if there is any, as well as clearing congestion since baby will swallow (hopefully) extra mucus instead of breathing it in like when lying flat.

Good luck mama. I'm taking robitussin and heading to bed now.
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Oh yuck! poor babies - colds already???

When DD would get a nasty cold I could sit in the bathroom and turn it into a steam room for 5 minutes, then suction her - this seemed to help a lot.

- sending health vibes to all of you!
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Aww, sorry you guys have sick babies, what a bummer!

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My little guy got a cold when he was 2 weeks old. I was so worried, and didn't even realize it was just a cold at first. DS1 has never really been sick.

Saline drops/bulb syringe worked as well as a decongestant that was prescribed. I felt terrible for him when he was nursing and sounded so stuffed up.
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: Three of my kids have colds right now. I am really hoping my new babe stays healthy. So far, so good.

I agree w/the steam, saline & suctioning recommendations. Also sleeping in an upright position if possible helps a lot. We had luck in the past w/having babe sleep in a bouncy seat when she was agreeable. (Truly, they are only evil when overused!!!!)
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Our babe is recovering - as soon as we got home her older sister began to cough, and at one week she was running a fever and all stuffed up. Sleeping upright (carseat/swing/bouncer) helped, breastmilk or saline in the nose, suction, steam are all good ideas. Her eyes got a bit goopy as well, a bit of breastmilk in the eye and wiping with a clean bit of cotton cleared it up. We kept her dressed loosely for the fever; make sure not to let them get cold enough to shiver though, or fever will go up.
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BAK-burping at keyboard-This helps him spit up some mucus,as he is VERY congested!Not a cold-no temp,and the whole fam is fine.I would be fine with this, but sleep is SO hard!He catches up in the day,but I am not so lucky!I try to enjoy our nightly 1 on 1 time, but as I get less and less sleep, it's harder to be awake at all,nevermind enjoying him Poor little eli: He hates spitting up,so it's a bit worse than it would be.I may break out the humidifier tonight.I took him in the shower this morning, but it did nothing for him.I think there may be a dairy connection-dh was allergic as a kid.Not looking forward to kicking this easy snack/stapel.
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