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Poo! (ah yes, the thread of TMI...)

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So...I was super constipated until yesterday. Things suddenly seem normal again in that regard. I know it's a ridiculous symptom to get hung up on, but I'm totally freaked out. Anyone else see a waxing and waning of that particular symptom??
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Yep! Seems to come and go and change daily. So far it hasn't been too uncomfortable or bothersome, so I haven't paid too much attention, but I do hope things normalize a bit when (if?) m/s goes away and I start eating like my normal self again...
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Uh...that would be a big fat NO! I think I'm still constipated from my first pregnancy, lol. I take stool softners everyday and I eat a fair amount of roughage
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Nope, I havn't had this yet & didn't have a lot last time. Weirdly when I'm preggo I become VERY regular in that regard and have to go first thing in the morning.

Things I've found that help when I am constipated:
~ prunes, prunes, prunes (I actually eat the jar baby prunes cause I can't stomach the real thing )
~ lots of fruit & veggies with the skins on
~ hydrate -- I don't like plain water usually so I do lemon water or decaf unsweetened tea
~ if it gets really bad my midwife recommends Metamucil

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No for me, but it will hit soon, I am sure of it. I can barely keep anything down And that is when I do eat.
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3 words: Liquid Glycerin Suppository.

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I had abdominal surgery in February and got super constipated after that. Not with DD's pregnancy, but with this one, umm yeah, it's back! AND to make matters worse, I get cramping when I have to go. The surgeon things it's related to adhesions from the intestines getting moved around to get the kidney out (I donated a kidney to my dad). When I got constipated, I feel much more crampy. And then I worry that it's baby related, not poo related! Oh, fun!
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i will join this club. It's already starting for me....i got really bad hemeroids last time and i'm soo not looking forward to that again!
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So now I'm NOT constipated (which you'd think would be GREAT after a full 6 weeks of, um, things being slow and tiny in that regard). But my newfound looseness is accompanied by these bizarre, very regular, cervical cramps/twinges.

Glug. I'm trying to be the not-freaky-pregnant lady, but I've had 2 m/c and am...well, sure, okay, maybe I am just a little bit that person who is reading the I-Ching in the toilet bowl.
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Without getting into too much details, I used to go #2 two times every morning.
Now I'm going every other day which is constipated for me.
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i am waiting for hubby to get home from work with my stool softeners.....i have to poo so bad it hurts but i havnt been able to keep enough fluids down so i am kinda backed up a little bit, and my hemeroids come out to play whenever i try and go #2
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