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Acupuncture Experiences?

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I'm having lots of weird medical things happening to me. They all seem unrelated, but something is clearly going on. I'm thinking of trying acupuncture. ANyone have experiences with it?

I have ALWAYS been a healthy person - maybe one cold a year if that?
Here's my list of grievances:
Developed HG with Joie's pregnancy
8 cavities related from that
From first set of drilling, I developed a tooth infection
Not healing well
Cold or flue every 6 weeks since delivery.
Burned my hand
Developed Rash on me feet

I feel like some kind of freak!

Ugh. There has GOT to be something to help me! Western Medicine isn't working!
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No experience with acupuncture, but sorry to hear you're having all those medical issues.

I do have an IRL mom friend who had tried (unsuccessfully) to conceive for 2 years - she tried acupuncture and then got pregnant right away. Not that you want to do that!
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oh, Gosh, Heather. That would be so not what i need right now!!!

The woman that I made an appt with specialized in women's health. She does fertility treatments, too. I'll tell her to STAY AWAY from there!
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Hi, sorry to crash your due date club, but I love acupuncture and wanted to chime in, in case it can help you. I have had great success with acupuncture over the years for various things: stress, neck and back pain, sinus pain/earaches that I seem to get every winter.

Recently I had a cough after a cold that was still going strong after 6 weeks. It got so bad that towards the evenings I could barely breathe. I wasn't quite sure if acupuncture could help with a cough, but I finally called my Acu. anyway. She did some needles and left them in for about 45 minutes (normally it's 20-30 min.) and then she did cupping on my back and chest (which is where they put little fish bowl looking things that have suction onto your skin to encourage circulation.) That night I could breath easier and over the next few days there was a huge improvement, whereas before there had been no sense that the cough would ever go away.

I think acupuncture could definately help with the cold and the healing, as well as just generally aligning things and increasing wellness. My acupuncturist is usually the first person I call when I'm not feeling well, and she usually ends up being the last person as well.
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thanks for crashing. how many sessions do you usually do?

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I usually go once, even with the cough she said I could come back if it didn't get better soon, but it did so I didn't feel a need to go back.

I think for more chronic issues, you might have to go more frequently, but if you tell them you can only afford 3x a month or something, you will still get a huge benefit from it.

My sister went weekly during her pregnancy for morning sickness and stress, and then at the end they did the point to induce labor since she was 12 days overdue. She went into labor that evening.

My brother had numbness running down his arm from his work, and he went weekly for a while until it improved.

I think the duration depends on whether it's an acute issue, or a more chronic one.

I find the treatments absolutely heavenly. I just feel so care for and it is so relaxing. If I could afford it I would definately go on a regular basis.
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Claire, I jusy got some last night for what sounds like the same thing you have, sinus infections. I never get sick either, man, this sucks!:

Dental work, tooth infection, colds & flu are all definitely related. Tell them to boost your sinuses. You will get needles in your face, which you usually don't get, and can be disconcerting if you are not used to it. Just close your eyes once they start putting the needles in. Breethe deeply for the rest time.

You seem to need an overall immunity boost, so I would go weekly for a month if you can.

Hope you feel better!
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I don't know too much about acupuncture, but I have gone a couple of times. It worked magic for a plugged duct I had. And a went a few times during pregnancy and it helped wonders for morning sickness, etc. Plus it is really relaxing and grounding. It's really powerful stuff and I would definitely recommend trying it. Hope you feel better soon!!
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Oh, this is great! I hope this works. I got some negative feedback about it & wast thinking of canceling. But, what can it hurt? ANd, it really might help.

Thank you guys SO much!

Yes, sinus infections! Did I forget to mention those?
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You may be in luck! (if you can get in...) - one of the best doctors I've EVER seen is in Ann Arbor. His name is Dr. Jay Sandweiss; he is an Osteopath who does excellent acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments with amazing results, prescribes herbs and (if needed) western drugs, and probably does more things too. I have not seen him for years but he is really amazing. He was the first person who ever performed acupuncture on me and it blew my mind and worked immediately. He is able to look at the WHOLE situation and work with odd symptoms that other doctors may not notice. Plus, because he is a doctor, he can do more than an acupuncturist may be able to do.


I personally have had a lot of luck with acupuncture and chinese medicine, and have been seeing a TCM practitioner in Chinatown. She specializes in post-partum care and has helped me immensely. If possible, you may try to find someone who can work with traditional chinese herbs too, as that in my opinion can be much more effective than acupuncture. Looking at your list, it looks like the dental work may be implicated? Is there a wholistic dentist you can consult with if need be?

GOOD LUCK!! Hopefully you will get to the bottom of this very soon and feel better.
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i hope it works!! let us know how it goes!
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Wow, spiralmg that is AWESOME!!! My current chiro is a naturopath. But, he looks awesome. I'm going to call. THANK YOU!!!
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