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nak.... just wondering if i'm the only may momma who's thinking about this. after ds was born, i was in bliss for months. i'm just not there this time. it's really, really hard juggling two, and I'm so moody. I think I have more blues as opposed to ppd. DH and I agreed we'd wait until the six-week mark and re-evaluate.

Anyone else?
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Definitely. With all the nursing problems (and especially dd's misery nursing these days--far worse than any pain I feel) and the exhaustion, I feel pretty blue a lot of the time. I also don't necessarily think it's ppd--because we have a lot of good moments and I definitely feel like I'm bonding more with her each day--but I am finding adjustment to a newborn is much more of a struggle than I had anticipated.

Hang in there, mama. I can't imagine how overwhelming it is with two!
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I hear you Mama...I think I have a minor case of it...I also have another one at home and two is a lot of work...BF seems so exhausting to me....Sometimes I want to cry when he wants fed at night ...I feel horrible feeling like that....I am at the 6 week mark and still feeling moody on and off....
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I did for a few days there.: It is gone now - but I have been taking my placenta caps which I swear by!

Try a B-complex and exercise if you can. That helps too.

hope it passes FAST.
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Hi Guys, I haven't been on MDC much because I have been struggling with PPD. I had it with dd so I recognized it right away. I started meds on May 30 and am just starting to feel better. Last time I didn't get treatment until 6 weeks postpartum and it was hell. I am glad I caught it early this time so that I can enjoy my baby. Some people don't agree with taking meds, but for me the misery and terrible anxiety make good parenting impossible. I hope you all are feeling better soon

Take Care,
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to all you mamas dealing with PPD. I actually did not get it at all this time, I had if for almost 2 months with the other two. I'm not sure why I didn't get it, but very thankful right now. hang in there mommas, and I agree that alot of times it's just pure exhaustion, more so than depression.
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I had pp anxiety with dd1, for 18 months until I did something about it. Started with Paxil, which was a disaster (hair fell out, killed my maternal instincts, made me emotionally numb). Then I started taking amino acids. I upped my dosage while pregnant and I've kept it up postpartum. I take Tyrosine, 5-HTP, GABA at night. I also make sure I take my Floridix (iron, b complex) everyday to help with energy, cal/mag at night to relax me and help heal my muscles, as well as another B-complex at night.

This time I feel pretty good. I'm ready to start exercising but don't have clearance from my MW until 6 weeks because my belly was so very low and she's concerned about my pelvic floor. Being a new SAHM (worked full time with dd1) and caring for a cranky 2.5 yo and NB is incredibly difficult, but I'm actually dealing pretty well as far as moods go.

I feel for all of you who are having problems with ppd, as I was there last time. Do seek help. I so regret that I didn't sooner last time. I damaged a lot of relationships, especially with my dh.

You can also check out this thread about natural ppd treatments called "a true natural remedy?" that has been going for many months now. It's very long, but you can skim much of it and jump in with questions. Everyone is very happy to help out.

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