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In a heartbeat... if I could.

My dh is also a musician and last year earned 5% of our income. And he's not really a Mr. Mom. I'm the one who loves to fold warm clothes and bake bread and braid hair and grow flowers. For him it is mostly just chores.

There have been times when work fullfilled me, but not lately. No matter how exciting the projects they give me, I am uninspired. I would rather be with the kids or in the sewing room.

So, thogh I'm a SAHM at heart, I'm a WOHM by necessity. Even going to PT would be hard right now, both for us because we couldn't take the paycut, and for my career, when my industry is going through hard times and one wants to appear indespensible. I have one co-worker who works 4 ten hour days and volunteers at her ds' school on Friday's. But if I worked 10 hour days I would not see my children at all.

The day dh can earn our living I am out of here.