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anyone else here a stepmother

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I am a stepmother of two boys (ages 13 and 6). I also have two biological children with my husband (their father).
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I have a nearly 12 yo stepson.
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I have two DSDs, 6 and 4, and a 2 month old DD who does NOT want to be put down at the moment!
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step mom to 3 yr old dss.
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I have 5 and one step grandson.
twins dss and dsd - 25
dsd, 18 and her son born march 1, 2006
dsd, 17
dsd, 15
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I'll join the ranks of SM's here. I'm a full time SM of my DH's older three, so together here we have his SS17, SS12, SD10, mine DD13,DS9, ours DD4, DS2, DD8 months. Pretty crazy group at times, but we all get along for the most part, and I'm momma hen here and they know it. When SS17 gets home the end of summer, he's gonna know it too! He's had it easy the past months he's been here.
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I officially became a step mom on Sat I married DH and now am Step Mom to 3 dsd 9 dss 10 and dss 6 we have one dd almost 2 and trying to decide if it's time to ttc or adopt or BOTH.
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I have one DsD. All together we have 5 and two more on the way.
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i am step mom to 3 kids fulltime. i also have my own 3 kids. we are the brady bunch
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I have an amazing dsd who is soon to be 10
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I have a dsd age 10 who is with us 50%.
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Step-mom to my wonderful 6 year old ss here.
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Proud Step-mama to two boys ages 3.5 and 16mos
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I am stepmom to a 16yo girl and a 14yo boy. They don't live with us. We also have 3 babies together.
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Antoher stepmama here. We've all been together for 12 years.
Kids are:
DSS 18
DSS 16.5
DD a week shy of turning 16
DD 14.11
DSD 13
DD 11
DD 9

Life is certainly interesting!
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'Technically' I am SM to my wonderful SD of three years. I am second wife of my DH. My co-wife is living with us and we are having best of relations. I have two bio children - DS is 43 months and DD is 28 months. Luckily, we are a very close knit family. The children so far are not able to distinguish between their real and 'step' moms as we have been sharing "everything". They just adress my co-wife 'elder mom' and me 'younger mom' - my own bio-children included.
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Yup, altogether we have four. Two from my first marriage (DS 12 and DD 10), one from his first marriage (SS 9), and one together (DS 4).
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Here's a question for all the stepmamas here - how do all your kids get along? Was it really hard when your kids met his kids?
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Step mom of an 8 yr old boy, expecting one with his daddy!
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ss will be 10 @ the end of the month and dh and i are expecting our first
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