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im going crazy!

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no time to really post here but wanted to get something out really fast! im going crazy!!!!
my oldest just graduated from 8th grade...going into high school next year (late bday, etc.) . my 2nd is graduating from 2nd grade today (his school is k-2)...i am running around like a madwoman....ds1 is going to visit his dad in Florida starting tonight so i have to help him get ready...wants to visit with his gf and needs rides ten million places!
i have to drop ds1 and gf off at the mall, get down to ds2's school for grad, come back and get ds1 and gf from mall, get some exercise in, have serious talk with ds1 tonight and get him ready to leave (must not forget to feed baby during this entire time).
ds1 grad. was last night. it was hot and miserable and i ended up crying through the whole thing b/c my friggin' batteries to my camera were "exhausted". they were exhausted? they dont know what exhausted is!!
i havent slept in 4 nights very well b/c babe is nuring all the friggin time! the swaddling is helping him go to sleep but not sleep through the night.
so...i have 10 minutes to take a shower and must leave!
thanks for being here for me to vent!
oh, solids, carseats...lets see if it works! hehehe! im so mean!
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I am crackin up at your last line. LOL

Sorry things are so stressful for you this week! EEK! Hopefully when this is all over you get some slow down time, mama! Hang in there!
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Phew! I'm exhausted just reading your post! Sorry it's so hectic for you right now. Hope things settle down soon.

At your last line too.
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: i'm cracking up at your batteries being "exhausted"! HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH like you've just been running your camera ragged. :

: good luck....
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oh it can be so tough judt running and running. It usually puts me in tears, more from the sheer volume of what i am bout to face then the actual doing it. but i am just a do it b/c you have to sort of person. hope you get some nice rest in after all of this.

i hate exhausted batteries.

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Originally Posted by michelemiller
: i'm cracking up at your batteries being "exhausted"! HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH like you've just been running your camera ragged. :

: good luck....
if you saw my picaso file, you would say ive been driving my batteries exhausted! i do take a lot of pix but i have rechargable batteries and always recharge 2 sets. i just cant believe i didnt have my camera.
of course, at my 8 yr. olds' 2 graduation i took about 50 pix. its so horrible that i didnt have that for the 8th grader, kwim? that was such a more momentous occassion.

well, ds1 is gone with dad for 2 weeks. im relieved b/c he's teh hardest...but im sad too b/c i love him and am going to miss him.

im exhausted and have one day to clean my house before my friends come on Friday (4 of them!) and she is having twins!!! can you say OMG i don't know how she does it!!!

surprised i didn't get more advice!
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