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Thyroid Drugs

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Okay, I just found out I am hyperthyroid. This is a relief to me as I have been thinking I am going nuts with anxiety. There is not much question about my going on anti thyroid medication, but I am afraid after some reading that the doctor will tell me I have to wean my daughter. This was not my plan. She still nurses quite often (about 5 times a day). I was going to let her lead. Does anyone have any experience here? Any ideas on how to partially wean her gently? Thanks.
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I am hypothyroid, so I don't know if this would apply to you. For hypo, the meds take teh hormone levels to the level they should be - so they are safe to take while pregnant and nursing. Since I don't know about hyperthyroidism, I can't say anything definitive.

I would read on Kellymom, contact LLL, and maybe find an IBLC to awsk before going in to the doctor. Then if weaning is suggested, you can back up your position with information.
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I was diagnosed with severe hyperthyroidism (caused by Graves' Disease) and I talked to my doctor, who is a leading expert on metabolic disorders in the childbearing years, about the fact that I wanted to be able to continue breastfeeding (and later to get pregnant). She said PTU was the safest drug in that case. I have now taken PTU for hyperthyroid for several years now, through nursing, pregnancy, tandem nursing, and tandem nursing through pregnancy and never had any problem or adverse effect on my pregnancy or nurslings. A well-informed doc should not try to make you wean. Good luck - HTH!
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Like boheime, I have huyothyroidism & these peds. are perfectly safe to take. When the diagnosis was made didn't you bring up nursing?
Hope you find the answers! Good luck!
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I don't know which meds you would be taking. I searched on "thyroid" on Dr. Hale's site and wasn't sure which link would be most helpful. The above link is just the search results. I wish I could be more help.
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I get hyperthyroidism after pregnancy. I took PTU for the same reason as the previous posters. It didn't affect the infant. THey did do a baseline blood draw for his thyroid levels, but after 3 months when they checked again there wasn't any change so they didn't do any others.
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I just got diagnosed as hyperthyroid last week, and yesterday went to the doc because now that ive figured out why i thought i was nuts, i NEED to fix this asap. I just cant function daily anymore, and havent been able to since my baby was born 7 months ago. I think i have also had this for 3 1/2 years too because of the anxiety, sweating, losing hair, difficulty swallowing and severe mood swings. Yesterday was my breaking point and i said i need an appt with the endo asap. My doc had already made an appt for me with the endo , but it wasnt for 3 months. I cant do that!!! So i went in and crying, told her its now or i dont know what im going to do. Im waiting for the phone to ring. She didnt know about hyperthyroid meds, she thought PTU was not good in breastfeeding or she would give me an Rx sooner, and the endo needs to see what i can take. Maybe she just didnt know, but she told me to keep on breastfeeding and she was sure there was something we could do that was safe during breastfeeding. So PTU IS safe? I hope so and I hope to get an appt soon. I am sweating and uncomfortable and now to top it off i have painful acne all over....i cant take much more.
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One question........

One other question----when the TSH levels are below a 0.01, are you most definetly hyperthyroid? She said i am, but I just wanted to check because then why else am I going for more bloodwork? Thanks!
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kellymom.com has a list of safe meds for hyperthyroid.
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If your tsh came back that low, you should get your T3 and T4 measured ot confirm hyperthyroidism.

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I don't know about hyperthyroid, but thought I would post this for anyone with Hypothyroid. I am currently taking Armour, it is a natural thyroid replacement prescribed by my doctor. He said that if you nurse for 6 months while on this drug the baby/child shoudl never have thyroid issues. So not only is it okay it is actually beneficial! http://www.armourthyroid.com/
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Originally Posted by doulajewla
One other question----when the TSH levels are below a 0.01, are you most definetly hyperthyroid? She said i am, but I just wanted to check because then why else am I going for more bloodwork? Thanks!
She's probably checking your actual thyroid hormone levels this time. TSH stands for thyroid-stimulating hormone; it's not a thyroid hormone, it's a hormone released by the pituitary gland which tells your thyroid how much hormone to produce based on how much is already circulating in your body. If your TSH is extremely low, it most likely means that you are hyperthyroid, but in order to figure out why (there are several conditions that can cause it) and treat it approrpriately, she would want to know your actual thyroid levels - and possibly other test for other things such as antithyroid antibodies as well.

Yes, after dealing with this for nearly 4 years I know more than I ever wanted to about thyroid disease!! But yes, PTU is considered safe while nursing and anyone who says you have to wean is uninformed, IMHO. Bear in mind, very few meds are risk-free - and it is true that the drugs given for hypothyroid are considered totally safe while those for hyperthyroid are not quite as innocuous - but still, with a little monitoring, your baby should be fine. As I said, I've been on PTU through nursing and pregnancy and both, my docs have watched us carefully and we've and never had any problems. Good luck!

oh ps - you really do need to see an endo. Maybe another one could get you in sooner, or you could call the office and explain and ask to be squeezed in for an appt? When my endo couldn't see me in a reasonable time frame, she would have one of her residents see me and then she'd just run in to consult/supervise at the end. Maybe that's a possibility? This is one case where I'm convinced specialists know WAAAAAY better than general docs.
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Wow, thanks so much for all the information! I think I initially freaked out because I was reading about the radioactive iodine test that they do after checking t3 and t4 levels. I am feeling a bit more informed now, and pretty excited about feeling better! My doctor ordered the blood work then went on vacation, so I got my info. from the nurse in her office. I'm now waiting to talk to her. Don't you love that? Anyway, thanks again for all the help.
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I declined the radio-active iodine test because YOU MUST WEAN for it. It's radioactive iodine IN YOUR BODY and THROUGH YOUR SYSTEM! YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN'T HAVE THAT TEST DONE AND BREASTFEED!

Just so you know.
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Thank you for your replies....however, i am freaking because i need to see the endo NOW. No one has gotten back to me, i called this morning and no one had anything. Im crying and upset i need to fix me....i feel awful, been moody and hot and i have acne that hurts.....now that i finally found my problem, i am DESPERATE to fix it. Im calling any endo i can find and getting an appt, i dont care if i have to pay out of pocket. on top of that, my doc gave me an Rx for zoloft to "hold me over" until i get to the endo(because of my anxiety and moods)...and now i go to get it and they need a preauthorization(my insurance co.) and i cant even have that! im about to bust down someones door to get better!!! this is ridiculous. im sorry : I had to vent......
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Your GP should be able to prescribe beta blockers like propanonol for the shakes and sweats and rapid heart rate asscociated with hyperthyroidism, as well as the PTU. Neither of those require an endo consult. Ask for a prescription for those. An antidepressant ISN'T going to help you with the physical symtoms of hyperthyroidism.

*I'd like to disclaim here that I am NOT a dr, this is just what I have found with my own personal health issues with hyperthyroidism, and I NEVER saw and endo about it.*
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Im just so tired of calling doctors back and forth...today is friday, i started this road last thursday. Im just so sick and tired and want to just hit my head into a wall...i do. i wont, but im just so uncomfortable and have been for months and months....thinking i had ppd or going into early menopause...haha that would be EARLY, im only 28 but lost one ovary 3 years ago, so thats what i thought. I have lots of anxiety and just walking im out of breath and my heart is jumping out of my chest. im used to it by now, but im just so sad that i cant get the help i need sooner. No one seems to want to help me. If i dont get an appt sooner, i think ill commit myself to the hospital. hopefully they let you breastfeed in the nut hut.
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my doc also said she cant give me ptu, the endo has to. i asked her the other day if she could give me something.
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That is such crap. I didn't see an endo. I have an internist. She gave me the script for the propanonol for the hot flashes, jitters, and racing heart. It also helped with my rages because my heart wasn't beating like techno. She gave me the script for the PTU. Do you have a doctor referal line through your hospital? Maybe call them and tell them what's going on. At the VERY least your doctor should have given you the propanonol to help with the symptoms if she wasn't willing to treat the underlying illness right now.
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I have to add, your doctor sound completely clueless on this front. What you are feeling is from too much thyroid hormone. Giving an anti-depressant isn't going to help in this case I don't think. Anti-depressants have their place Zoloft for hyperthyroidism when propanonol (which is cheaper) is proven to work on symptoms you are having is just... ill informed on the disease quite honestly.
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