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Am I imagining things?

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I am 11w3d and I swear I have felt very soft movements for the last few days. Maybe once or twice a day. Everything I've read says that this isn't possible for several more weeks. I don't know. It's exactly where my uterus is and very faint, but I definitely notice something. Anyone else?

Also, I've found that this time around I can palpate my uterus. With my other pregnancies, I didn't even consider trying. I took out the measuring tape last night and I measured 13 cm. Anyone else as neurotic as me?
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according to this thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=469349 you may not be going crazy...

I can't wait to fell movement. It makes the fact that I'm pregnant so real.
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I am so glad you posted this! I am 11 weeks 1 day and I have also felt very slight flutterings and a few very very light taps.. This started about a week ago.. Everyone says its impossible and that it must be gas.. well, I know the difference between baby movements and gas and this didnt feel like gas.. Last time I started feeling movements at about 13 weeks and no one believed me then either..

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I started feeling the baby move at just over 11 weeks, about one week ago. It's different than in the past though. This time it is "swimming" motions, before it was kicks. Two nights ago DH, who has been telling me I'm full of it, put his hand on my belly and felt the baby swimming from one side to the other. Now he believes me.

Of course, instead of being happy or thinking it was cool he says, "Now baby, do not swim so much you wrap yourself up in the cord."

His constand pessimism makes me want to smack him. :
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Oops, I didn't realize there was already a thread started about this. Glad to discover I'm not the only one and not crazy!

I did read in Sheila Kitzinger's book that with subsequent pgs, moms are "more aware" of the baby earlier. Maybe b/c I know what those little flutters feel like I am better able to recognize them.
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