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fixing PUL?

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okay... i'm a new member here, but i already have a problem.
i bought some PUL cuts online, and i got them in the mail today. i decided to wash them, as i was washing all my other diaper fabrics, and i thought i was supposed to wash PUL like i do everything else before sewing.
so, i wash them, and put them in the dryer.
a little while ago i took them out of the dryer, and much to my horror, it looked like there were snags in at least five places on each cut. you know what stockings/pantyhose look like when they get runs? kind of like that.
so, i'm crushed. i don't know what to do, and whether i can fix them or not.
i'm in the process of seeing if my pattern will fit around the snags on at least one or two of the cuts.
any suggestions? do i need to resign myself to spending more money on fabric? or is there some way to fix my horrendous error?
please help!:
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PUL shouldn't do that. Is it solid color pul or is it printed pul? If it's printed, do you know what type of material it is? I've had pul run like that, but it was on a very well-used diaper and along the elastic. Which can be expected. But not on brand new pul.

Can you post a pic?
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yeah, i'll try to get one onto my computer. i'll update when i get it online.
although thinking about it? it may have gotten snagged on a velcro piece that wasn't fastened properly.. i feel like such a schmuck now...
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I have velcro come undone in the wash all the time and it's never done that. The most it does is snag the FOE. Even if you wash on hot, dry on hot, and have velcro come undone in the wash, you shouldn't have that problem. PUL is pretty strong. It sounds like it's defective. I really doubt you did anything to cause it, so don't beat yourself up.
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thanks for the reassurance... i'm still pretty new to cd'ing and starting to get a little bit discouraged. so far the WAHM dipes i bought on ebay leaked, and the first dipe i made leaked and didn't wick the moisture away properly, etc... and now this happens to my fabric!! i guess i'm just having a run of bad luck. ah well, that's life, eh?: take what it throws at you.
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Whatever problems you run into and whatever questions you have, don't hesitate to ask. There's a learning curve to cloth diapers and even more of a learning curve if you sew your own. It does get better though! I remember my first diaper.....: It was *terrible*! It took a few tries to really get the hang of it. I've been sewing diapers for 6 months and I *still* sometimes totally screw up a diaper and I just sit back and go, "what the heck was I thinking!?"
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Is the laminate still OK? It may be hard to tell, of course. But if all you had in the wash were diapers, that part may still be leak-free. Maybe you can use those for your first diapers to get a feel for your pattern, etc.
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