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OK, THIS is it! ~ UPDATE!!!!

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So I am off to pre op in the AM. I will do all of my paperwork in anticipation of the big day. As of friday the 23rd (somewhere around 10 AM), we will have two new lovely little ones in our family. My doc and I have decided that this is it (I will be a couple days shy of 38 wks).
I am SO excited and SO scared at the same time. We are of course excited to meet our new little ones (and I am excited that my body will have less aches (I know I have to recover from the c/s, but you all know what I am talking about re:body/joint pains! ). I am also really freaked out about the whole c/s itself and the recovery that comes with.
If any of you mamas have any last minute advice about c/s or parenting multiples or whatever, feel free to share!
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Wow Mama I wish you nerves of stele and a blissfull births! I would take along some arnica fo rafter the birth and Nurse those babies as much as possible right away. We will be waiting to hear!
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For the c/s, get some control top girdle type of undies to wear for a little extra support. Also, when they do the epi, really relax and bend forward to make the space between the vertebrae as big as possible. Also, don't be shy asking for help with meds and nursing.

Good luck!!! I can't wait to see pics!
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You're so close now to meeting your babies, how exciting. Wishing you lots of luck and a speedy recovery from the c-section, oh and well done on getting to almost 38 weeeks.
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I will be thinking of you Momma!!!
As far as the c-section goes, I had such a hard time healing b/c I didn't take the time to rest after my babies were born. I had trouble w/ the incision site for 2 months after they were born. Granted my twins were in the nicu and I refused to stay in bed. My advice to you would be to make sure you get adequate rest. My sis had a c-section in December, and she was totally freaked out b/c of my experience. She however stayed in bed w/ her baby for a week afterwards, and she healed up just fine w/in a couple of weeks. So, just stay in your bed w/ those babies, and let everyone else take care of everything else!
Let us know how it goes!! I cannot wait to see pics!
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Recently I had a client who had a c-s after a really long labor, and my advice to her was DON'T BE A HERO: rest and take the pain pills.

And as far as parenting newborn twins: If I remembered anything about those first few weeks/months, I would tell you! I barely remember anything, honestly, and I think you'll find most moms of mults look back and can barely remember anything except doing a lot of feeding and diaper changing.
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Take the pain meds consistently until you don't need them. Keeping the pain under control will enable you to sleep and recover faster.

Get the freezer stocked before you come home and beg people to drop off meals for the first few weeks.

When you get home, be prepared to sit yourself down and nurse, nurse, nurse.

Good Luck!!!!
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Thanks for the advice re:the c/s. I am trying REALLY hard to relax and just focus on the babies. It's nice to hear that it is not going to be nearly as bad as I have it in my head. I am such a wuss!

I won't be home until next week, but I will post pics as soon as I am.
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Congrats and good luck mama!!! Its soo exciting for you to finally meet your little ones. I'm a bit jealous... can't wait till my turn comes Cant wait to see the pics of your little ones
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You should be holding them (hopefully) as we speak!! I'm so excited to see pictures of them.
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Well, we came home yesterday! I am not feeling so well, but I wanted to share some pics of my beautiful babies with all of you. I will be back to post more info later!

My babies!
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They are gorgeous!! I had b/g twins too, almost the exact sizes as yours!

Congratulations mama and to your whole family.
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Congratulations Mama. They are so cute. Great weights as well.
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Congrats mama!!!! Your babies are soooo beautiful!!!
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Yay for you, Momma!!!! What gorgeous babies!
I'm so glad that things went well, and I'm thrilled to see how big & healthy your babies are!
Congrats to you and your family!
Enjoy your babymoon!
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Hooray! Congrats mama and welcome to the world, beautiful babies!!!
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Theya re so freakin cute! Congrats and enjoy them!!!
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what beautiful babies!!!!!! I'm crying looking at them.
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They are sooooo cute, congrats!!!!
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OMG they are so beautiful! im coming over TODAY to see them and love them! i know, aren't you all so jealous! hehehe!
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